The Siddheshwar dam is a unique dam near Nandid in Maharashtra. The dam is 73 kms away from Nanded city center.

The Siddhesshwar dam is an earthfill dam situated on the Purna river. The dam is in the Hingoli district of Maharashtra. The Purna river is a tributary of the river Godavri. The dam is also known as Rupur dam. The uniqueness of this dam lies in the fact that it is an earthfill dam. The dam is not that big but the greenery and the setting of the dam is what attracts visitors to this place. The dam was built in 1968 and is managed by the government of Maharashtra and the Water Resources Development.

The Siddheshwar dam is stuated in the greenery and the scenic beauty is the best thing the place. The backdrop to the water body is just mesmerizing. The area is just pristine and the greenery is something everyone should see. The place is most suitable to spend a day away from the city rush. Even though this is a dam, the people are more attracted to the setting of this dam rather than the structure. There are boating conducted in the water body here.

The Siddheshwar dam is a very beautiful place to visit during the weekends. The place is most suitable to be with family and friends. The Dam can be visited during timings 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM. The place is best to be visited during the winter and summer. Swimming in the water body is not recommended for rookies.