Isapur Dam is an irrigation dam which is near to Nanded. The dam is situated 91. 9 kms away from Nanded city.

The Isapur Dam is an earthfill dam on the Penganga river. The main objective of the dam is irrigation. The dam is near Pusad area of Maharashtra. The Isapur dam is 57 meters long and 4,120. 1 meters high. The gross capacity of the dam is 1. 254000 km cube, making it one of the biggest dams in Maharashtra. The dam has an earthwall which is 3. 5 kilometer long. The dam is one of the most prominent weekend attractions among the locals, it is famous with tourists as well. The dam is most famed for its setting. The background of the dam is picturesque. The place is one of the places where nature is in full swing, with the place is covered with greenery.

The dam is one of those places where one can spend a day indulged in many recreational activities from boating to hiking. The Isapur dam is one of those places where one can spend a day with their friends and family. The dam is open to visitors throughout the year, but the best time to visit the place would be during the summer and winter. During the monsoon, the full ambience cannot be experienced as the frequent rains will make it hard to explore the areas of the dam. Swimming in the water body is not recommended as it can be dangerous during the pump out time.