Ranthali is a village in the Raha Tehsil of Assam. This village is located approximately 8 kms away from Nagaon town.

Ranthali is renowned for its traditional Assamese gold plated ornaments. The village is surrounded by tribal settlements such as Dighaliati, Chaparmukh, Bagulajan, Amsoi, Dakhin and Jajial. Ranthali village is famous for Assamese jewellery business not only in the state but also in other parts of the country. The village is thickly populated and almost 90 per cent of the total families are engaged in Assamese Jewellery business. Hence, jewellery making is the main occupation of the villagers of this particular village of Nagaon district. It is one of the important places of Assam where different types of colourful Assamese jewellery is made.