Khudi Ram Bose memorial tablet has been raised in the memory of Khudi Ram Bose, an Indian Bengali revolutionary and Prafool Chaki who was executed at Muzaffarpur Jail in the year 1908 on the charge of throwing a bomb on Kingsford, the then British District and Sessions Judge of Muzaffarpur.

The memorial tablet is situated opposite to the present residence of the District and Sessions Judge. The street where the alleged bomb was tossed is known as the 'Prafool Chaki Marg' before the Red Cross Building. This historic spot attracts different visitors who often think about the escaped progressive who was soon captured, and took the sentence given to him with a grin upon his face, as those of his preferences did.

The Muzaffarpur Jail, where the freedom fighter was incarcerated and hanged on August 11, 1908, was thus named as – Khudiram Bose Memorial Central Jail. Khudiram Bose, along with Prafool Chaki, tried to assassinate a judge named Kingsford by throwing bombs in the carriage, he was supposed to be in. Unfortunately though, two British ladies were killed in this incident. Prafulla, with the fear of getting arrested by the police, committed suicide. Khudiram was arrested and tried for the murder of the two ladies and sentenced to death.

Scores of people gather outside the Khudi Ram Memorial central jail premises each year on 11th august to pay their tributes to Khudiram Bose, the youngest freedom fighter to face the gallows. A two-minute silence is observed at 4:02 AM sharp, the time when Bose was executed in 1908 at the age of 18 for throwing bombs at the carriage of Kingsford, the then magistrate of Muzaffarpur.