Badi Masjid is located in Muzaffarnagar. It is within city limits at a distance of 1 km from the City Center.

Badi Masjid is an important place of worship for all devout Muslims in the city. It is also an important pilgrimage place. It is a very big mosque with really spacious interiors and can accomodate many people during prayers. Apart from being a large mosque it also holds daily prayers and many Muslims come from adjoining areas to offer prayers and then break their morning fast. It has a extensive courtyard with a large water source in the form of a tank. Inside, the Masjid has spacious high ceilings with ornate carvings and inscriptions in Arabic.

The best time to visit the Bari Masjid is during the holy months of Ramzan from June - September. During these times the Badi Masjid holds a shamiyana or a tent to accommodate others also. It also takes part in other charitable activities and also funds madrasas to impart religious Islamic knowledge. Badi Masjid of Muzaffarnagar can be visited during timings 4:00 AM - 6:00 PM.