The Akshaya Vat Vriksha is a very holy place in Muzaffarnagar. The Vriksh is situated just 27. 6 kms away from Muzaffarnagar town.

The Akshaya Vat Vriksha is a holy pilgrimage center. The main icon of the place is a banyan tree which is mentioned in the Hindu mythology. The term 'akshaya' means indestructible . The tree is more than five thousand years old and is 150 feet high. This place is believed to have healing powers. The tree is considered holy because it is five thousand years old and is a part of the Hindu mythology. For the believers, it is the best place for worship and this tree makes them assured of their beliefs. The whole area has an atmosphere of peace.

The Akshaya Vat Vriksha is almost always filled with believers, but even in the havoc, the peace and serenity this place offers is very well experienced by the visitors. The tree is a living symbol of the Sukadevji who is a holy figurine. According to the myth, it is said that this banyan tree is where Sukhdev orated Shri Maha Bhagvat Kadha to Raja Parikshit. The tree is believed to be the symbol of peace and forgiveness. The branches of the tree are like hands showering blessings to the devotees. The major difference of this banyan tree with others is that the string like extensions from branches of banyan trees are not present in this tree.

The Akshaya Vat Vriksha is one of those places which replenishes the spirituality of everyone who goes there, such is the environment and the atmosphere. Those whole area has a strangely soothing and peaceful vibe to it. The place is open to visitors throughout the yearand can be visited during timings 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM.