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1/4 Places to Visit in Latur with Adventure
Kharosa Caves
45 kms from Latur city limits

Among one of those famous tourist spots in Latur is the very popular Kharosa Caves. The caves are situated in the village of Kharosa which is about 45 kms away from the city center of Latur. On reaching Latur, visitors can opt for public transport or they can even book a cab and directly reach to the destination. It takes around 1 hour to reach the place via road.

Kharosa Caves is a very important historic monument in the ancient historic period of India. It is among one of the popular heritage of the country. It was built in 6th century during the reign of Gupta period. Kharosa Ca...

2/4 Places to Visit in Latur with Adventure

Among the famous historial monuments in Latur, is the Udgir Fort. The fort lies on the outskirts of Latur city, at Udgir town in Latur district. It is about 68 kms away from the city center of Latur and it takes about 2 hours to reach the place.

Udgir Fort was built during the Pre-Bahamani age. It was constructed in the 12th century CE. It is believed that the fort was built 800 years back. The fort is also famous for the historic battle in which Marathas, led by Sadashivrao Bhau, defeated Nizam and after which the treaty of Udgir was duly signed. Udgir Fort defines the architectur...

3/4 Places to Visit in Latur with Adventure

Hattibet Devarjan in Latur happens to be one of the most famous spots to visit as a tourist. Hattibet-Devarjan is located about 62. 1 kms away from Latur, and is a 1 hour 40 min drive from the main city of Latur. There are public transport facilities available but it is advisable to take a personal car or cab to reach the destination.

Hattibet-Devarjan is located very close to the town of Udgir and is famous for the samadhi of Gangaram Maharaj. Hattibet-Devarjan also includes several cave carvings that have been dated back to the medieval period. This site also is a place where man...

4/4 Places to Visit in Latur with Adventure

The Sanjivani Bet, also called as Wadwal Nagnath Bet, is a hill and a bioshpere reserve located near the Wadwal Naganath village, in the Latur District of Maharastra. It is located at a distance of 16 km from Chakur and 39 kms from Latur city.

The Sanjivani Bet (Wadwal Nagnath Bet) is known being home to many rare species of Ayurvedic bushes and plants. The rare plants grow in the month July to September (Uttara Nakshatra). In this period Ayurvedic practitioners, and researchers from various places visit this place in search of rare plants. The Government of Maharashtra organises V...