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Chaiturgarh Fort which is also known as Lafagarh Fort is a historical fort which is situated in the Katghora tehsil of Korba district in Chattisgarh. It is now under the administration of Archeological Survey of India who took over the control of this magnificent fort recognizing its historical and cultural importance. It is situated on a hilltop at a height of 3060 feet and is only 12 kms away from the city center of Korba. Katghora, where this infamous fort is located, is well connected by road.

Chaiturgarh Fort is one of the 36 forts in the state of Chattisgarh but is considered...

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Chakreshwar Mahadev temple is one of the prominent tourist attraction in kanki, located about 20 kms from Korba.

The presiding deity at the Chakreshwar Mahadev temple is Lord Shiva, in the form of a Shivling on the main altar of the temple. The idols of Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesh can also be seen placed behind the Shivling. This primeval temple is furnished with exquisite carved images of gods and goddesses. The entrance door features images of Nagkanyaka. Hundreds of ancient sculptures and idols can be seen scattered around the temple complex. The Shiva Temple situated to the...

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Kudurmal, Chattisgarh
15 kms from Korba city limits

Kudurmal is a small village situated around 15 kms away from the Korba Railway Station.

The Kudurmal village houses the Samadhi of one of the disciple of Saint Kabir's, which is about 500 years old. Besides this, there is a temple named Sankatmochan Hanuman Mandir, which was built by Mahatma Kevlal Patel, who was a prominent Saint. An idol of Hanuman has been installed in the centre of the temple. The surroundings of the temple have small other temples of Kali, Durga, Ram, Sita, Kabir etc. This is a good place for photographers. People can enjoy with family and friends here.

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Madwarani Mandir, Korba
22 kms from Korba city limits

Madwarani Mandir is situated at a distance 22 kms from Korba on the Korba-Champa Road. This temple of Godess Madwarani is at the top of the hill.

It is believed that Maa Durga ran from her wedding "mandap" called "Madwa" in Chhattisgarhi. Turmeric from her body fell in a big rock in barpali-madwarani road which made the rock yellow. As maa Durga came from Madwa(mandap) ,the village and hill was named as Madwarani. In Sanskrit Maa is known as "Mandvi Devi". During September-October each year, in the Navratri season, there is fair celebrated by the locals and thus this time is the rec...

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Rani Dhanraj Kunvar Devi, Korba
10 kms from Korba city limits

Rani Dhanraj Kunvar Devi is a historical place of Chhattisgarh. This is an old heritage symbol of this state. This is located at a distance of about 10 kms from the centre of the city Korba.

Rani Dhanraj Kunvar Devi was the last recognized ruler of Korba. She was the last queen of Kalchuri Kingdom. This place defines the old history of Korba. Now this place has turned into a school in the daytime.

There are no rigid timings for visiting this place. People are advised to go there in the afternoon. People typically spend up to 30 minutes here. ...

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Sarvamangala, Korba
Within Korba city limits

Sarvamangala in Korba district is one of the most famous temple of the city. The Goddess of this temple is Maa Durga.

Sarvamangala temple was constructed under the guidance of the ancestors of Rajeshwar Dayal, one of the Zamindars in Korba. The temple is sorrounded by various auspicious temples such as Trilokinath Mandir, Kali Mandir and Jyoti Kalash Bhavan. There is also a cave, which goes under the river and rises out on the other side as Badal Mahal. It is believed that Rani Dhanraj Kunwar Devi used this cave for her daily visit to the temple.

Devotees visit this temple ...

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Silver Jubilee Park NTPC Jamnipali is located at NTPC Township, Korba. It is located about 16. 2 kms away from the centre of the city Korba. It will take approximately 30 to 35 minutes to reach there from the centre of the city.

Silver Jubilee Park NTPC Jamnipali is very beautiful with its natural atmosphere and well maintained environment. It has a small lake where one can go for boating. There are fountains in the middle of the lake which look super fascinating. The garden is marvellous and there are walking tracks too. Rabbits, swans can be seen here and there. Dummy Tajmahal an...

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Sitamani Korba
10 kms from Korba city limits

Sitamani village is one of the main attractions in the Korba district of Chattisgarh. The place filled with many religiously and spiritually important temples and caves with incredible stories and myths from the Hindu scriptures associated with them. It is located at a distance of 10 kms from the city center of Korba and is well connected by road.

Sitamani Temples and Caves are deeply connected with Hindu mythology than any other place. It is an ancient site with many temples and three caves that have have been formed by falling rocks at the side of the trench. In one of the three ...

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Tuman Shiv Mandir
30 kms from Korba city limits

Tuman is a small village situated at 10 km away from Katghora, which is 30 kms away from district headquarter Korba. The village is popular for its prominent historic Shiv Mandir.

The ancient history states that Tuman was the capital of kings in Ratnarajj dynasty. One ancient Shiv Mandir is found here. It is believed that the Mandir was built during the reign of Kalchuri (Near 11 A. D) by the king Ratnadev First. Besides this Shiv Mandir, some other remnants are also found there. The temple was beautifully constructed. The incricate carvings on the walls of the temple enhances its ...