The Basilica of the Holy Rosary commonly known as Bandel Church is one of the oldest Christian churches in West Bengal, situated at around 80 km from the city of Kolkata. Situated in Bandel, Hooghly district of West Bengal, it stands as a memorial to the Portuguese settlement in Bengal. Founded in 1599, it is dedicated to Nossa Senhora do Rosário, Our Lady of the Rosary. It is one of the most prominent historical churches in West Bengal as well as in India.

On November 25, 1988, Pope John Paul II declared the sanctuary a minor basilica. A historic 500 year old ship's mast stands in front of the church; it was presented to the church by the captain of a vessel that had encountered a storm in the Bay of Bengal, and its rescue was attributed to Mary. The church has three altars, several tombstones, an organ, and a shrine to Mary.

From the top, one can witness the vast stretches of the river Ganga's tributary - Hoogly. Bandel Church also houses oil paintings; the oil paintings and the sculptures are rich in quality, detailing and diversity. The atmosphere of prayer Hall is excellent and photography in this area is prohibited.

The old structures have been renovated in the recent years. The surroundings are with lots of stalls and restaurants. The Bandel Church is well connected with the railway and has good road links. At the banks of Ganga, this century old Church is open upto 5.30 PM. Almost 5 KM away, one can visit a water park called Aqua Marina.