Prinsep Ghat is a ghat built in 1841 during the British Raj, along the Kolkata bank of the Hooghly River in India. Located between the Water Gate and the St George's Gate of the Fort William, the monument to Prinsep is rich in Greek and Gothic inlays. It was restored by the state's public works department in November 2001 and has since been well-maintained. Located along the banks of the beautiful Hooghly River, the Ghat is surrounded by greenery and overlooked by the Vidyasagar Setu.

Prinsep Ghat is one of the oldest recreational spots of Kolkata. After restoration, it has now transformed into a park like environment along with walkways and good lighting. People visit it in the evenings on weekends to go boating on the river, stroll along the bank and purchase food from stalls there. A 2 km stretch of the beautified riverfront from Princep Ghat to Babughat was inaugurated in May 2012. Prinsep Ghat also has a railway station named after it. The station is part of the Kolkata Circular Railway which is maintained by Eastern Railway.

It is a calm and peaceful place around Kolkata; it is a beautiful retreat for nature lovers. It's an ideal place to cool off; watching the sunset from a private boat, floating peacefully over calm waters.