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1/5 Places to Visit in Kolkata with Art
Marble Palace
16 kms from Kolkata city limits

Marble Palace is a palatial nineteenth-century mansion in North Kolkata. It is one of the best-preserved and most elegant houses of nineteenth-century Calcutta. The mansion is famous for its marble walls and floors, from which its name derives.

The house was built in 1835 by Raja Rajendra Mullick, a wealthy Bengali merchant with a passion for collecting works of art. The house continues to be a residence for his descendants, and the current occupants are the family of Raja Rajendra Mullick Bahadur. The house is basically Neoclassical in architectural style, while the plan with its o...

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Netaji Bhawan
Within Kolkata city limits

Netaji Bhawan or Netaji Bhavan is a building maintained as a memorial and research center to the life of the Indian nationalistic leader Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in Kolkata. The house, built by Bose's father in 1909, is owned and managed by the Netaji Research Bureau and includes a museum, archives and library. It is a documented museum which shows the struggles faced by Netaji Subhash chandra bose and Azad hind Fauj whilst fighting for India's Independence . Any Indian Would be filled with pride knowing about his story.

The house of Netaji is typically like any Bengali household....

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The Basilica of the Holy Rosary commonly known as Bandel Church is one of the oldest Christian churches in West Bengal, situated at around 80 km from the city of Kolkata. Situated in Bandel, Hooghly district of West Bengal, it stands as a memorial to the Portuguese settlement in Bengal. Founded in 1599, it is dedicated to Nossa Senhora do Rosário, Our Lady of the Rosary. It is one of the most prominent historical churches in West Bengal as well as in India.

On November 25, 1988, Pope John Paul II declared the sanctuary a minor basilica. A historic 500 year old ship's mast stands in ...

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Tagore House
Within Kolkata city limits

The Tagore House in Jorasanko, north of Kolkata, is the ancestral home of the Tagore family. The mansion is huge. It is the place with the stories and important events in Tagore's life. His paintings, poetry and life flow from room to room. The house has been restored to reflect the way the household looked when the Tagore family lived in it and currently serves as the Tagore museum for Kolkata. The museum offers details about the history of the Tagore family including its involvement with the Bengal Renaissance and the Brahmo Samaj.

A place of extreme historical importance. One ca...

5/5 Places to Visit in Kolkata with Art
Victoria Memorial Hall
6 kms from Kolkata city limits

The Victoria Memorial is a large historic marble building in Kolkata which was built between 1906 and 1921. It is dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria and is now a museum and tourist destination under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture. The Memorial lies on the Maidan by the bank of the Hooghly River, near Jawaharlal Nehru road.

The architectural design is in the Indo-Saracenic revivalist style. This style uses a mixture of British and Mughal elements as well as Venetian, Egyptian, Deccani and Islamic architectural influences.The Victoria Memorial's architect was William E...