Pulie Badze is located at a few kilometers away from Kohima near Jotsoma Village. A half an hour trek from the last road head near Jotsoma village is the wildlife sanctuary of Pulie Badze. The short trek from the end of the motor able road to the peak takes you to a height of 2400 meters. This place is known for its legendary story and also popular as a viewing spot for the beautiful scenery surrounding the area through its elevated location. The panorama view of Kohima city is visible atop the hill.

Pulie Badze in Angami means Pulie's seat. The far-eastern region of India specifically Nagaland is where incredulous tales of culture can be weaved. And some of them would be true. Legend has it that Pulie was a brave farmer who fought a serpent which used to eat up all his harvest. The serpent swallowed Pulie and he became a spirit. When Pulie’s family came looking for him, they could only hear his voice which kept going farther and farther. The family realising what had happened, kept a chair in the field, told Pulie ‘to be seated’ – Pulie-badze – and left. At the top of the mountain is a cross with the words 'Christ Died for All'. The cross is visible from many nearby village. Nagaland being a Christian state is strongly influenced by Christianity.

Pulie Badze Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary of Nagaland. It is spread over an area of 9. 23 sq. km. It offers an unforgettable wild adventure, Nagaland is an ideal destination which is rich in wildlife. The sanctuary is located in a beautiful location surrounded by green hills and streams. This place is also famous for its lush flora and fauna. Especially towards the top, you will spot quite a few Rhododendron trees – with their lush leaves and beautiful red blooms. Puliebadze forest shares a part of Mt. Japfu (second highest peak in Nagaland) mountain range, a habitat for some rare and endangered Fauna species. The forest is important not only for environmental aspects and flora and fauna, but also serves as catchment area for water recharge and gather the needs of Kohima town.

A place that is the hot-spot for most youngsters to chill and enjoy the pleasant surroundings be it with friends or family. It is advised to go during the dry season from October to May as the trek is through the forest which may be infected by insects during monsoons. A must do and see place in Nagaland for photography enthusiasts, home to various animals and birds this stage works as an open air platform to unique birds to fly. This majestic Pulie Badze Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in a refreshingly easy to the eyes field enclosed by green scenery and lush streams.

The puliebadze is accessible for all seven days of the week with no specific timings. The natural beauty of this place is breathtaking. The scenic beauty is the major attraction of this place which pulls many tourists to it.