Nagaland is known for its fine cultures and arts with various groups of tribes. The magnificent Nagaland State Museum is located only 4. 1 kilometers far from the main center Kohima place of Nagaland. This museum hold a special role in the Nagaland's tourism as it exhibits the best museum to know about the vivid varieties of tribal cultures of Nagaland.

This famous State Museum is filled with unique collection of articles of different tribes which portray the rich traditions of Naga culture. Each picture inside the museum depicts the history of every tribe that has its existence from ancient periods to till date. The major attraction in the museum is the articles and arts related to Naga culture resembling their architecture, their customs, and the period table of social hierarchy, their unique culture and costume which are altogether present in the museum. One can observe them main things items that are displayed like the ancient statues, gateposts, the pillars, ancestral weapons and the ornaments that the women wore once upon a time. A ceremonial drum which looks like a dug-out war vessel in a separate shed can also be seen here. These vessels inside the museum indicate that the Nagas might have some relation to the Sumatras or they might be the next generation linked with Sumatras. Museum's basement has the sculptures of colorful birds and the animals which has their existence and linkage with the North-Eastern hill states. Overall, this museum consists the collection of 16 different tribes which are inhabited in the state and some of the artifacts showcased in this museum also include the clan motifs, necklaces, precious stones as well as the traditional costumes and related inscriptions.

The special attraction of the Nagaland State Museum is the art gallery which showcases the Naga Morung. Naga Morung is the hut models, which has the divine architecture among the tribes and their cultures. Even the museum is filled with different musical instruments made with bamboo and buffalo horns which are the eye-catching attraction to the tourists. Since the museum is located at Bayavu hills, it is worth visiting this museum as the journey to reach the museum becomes awesome with the view of greenery around the hills. The ceremonial drum kept in a special section is the major highlight of the museum. This museum offers the visitors a wonderful opportunity to see various artifacts carefully preserved by the Government of India and rigorously updated with the vibrant traditions and culture of the Kohima. Especially for the ardent art lovers, the art gallery here also exhibits the stunning paintings made by the local artists.

Nagaland State Museum can be visited during timings 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM. Special visit during the festival of Hornbill makes the journey most amazing. The entrance fee is around INR 20 and there is no entrance fee for children aged less than 3. It takes aroound 1 to 2 hours to visit the museum. Visitors also should note that the museum is closed on Sundays.