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Within the city limit of Kohima is the Catholic Church which is considered as one of the biggest churches in the north-east region of India and one of its kind in Kohima. Located on the Aradhurah Hill, this church is also known for its architecture, which reflects the blend of indigenous and creative art.

The architecture of the cathedral blends into the hill on which it is situated. The construction of the cathedral was mostly funded by Japanese people who wished to construct a monument to the Japanese soldiers who died in the Battle of Kohima during the Second World War. Its arch...

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World War I and World War II left many bad scars to the world with the loss of huge number of soldiers and eminent personalities. With a great respect towards the brave soldiers,a war cemetery was built in the Kohima of Nagaland. The Commonwealth World War II cemetery is located in 1. 6 kilometers North from Kohima.

This Kohima War Cemetery is a memorial to the 2nd British Division of the Allied Forces who sacrificed their lives in the Second World War at Kohima in April 1944. These soldiers died on the battleground of Garrison Hill in the Tennis court area of the then Deputy Commiss...

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G H Damant Tomb Monument, Kohima
20 kms from Kohima city limits

Located 20 kms west of the hilly capital of India's north eastern border state of Nagaland, Kohima is Khonoma village houses the G H Damant Tomb Monument, a war memorial in Khonoma.

Reputed for their courage and valor, the Kohima is the village of A. Z Phizo, Father of Naga Nationalist Movement. It has its own share of brushes with history. It was here that the Naga warriors made their last stand against the British in 1879. A simple white pillar commemorates G H Damant, major C R Crook, lieutenant H H Forbes and Sub-major Nurbir Sai, who died fighting the Nagas in Khonoma. A memor...

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Ketsiezou Watch Tower
Within Kohima city limits

Ketsiezou watch tower is located in Tssituonuomia Khel in Kohima which is 3. 7 kilometers North of the city Kohima in Nagaland and it takes around 15 minutes to reach by any public transport facility to here.

According to locals, it is known that this tower built before Independence of India in the year 1944. This location offers a good view of whole Kohima town from a height and the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders and the Royal Scots Memorial which are located here. The members from this regiments took part in heavy fighting in this Kohima land back in 1945. There are some motivat...