Krish Garden in Jhargram is one of the beautiful retreat located at a distance of 32 kms from Kharagpur city and is near to Jhargram forest range.

The garden is known for its wide variety of roses from different parts of the world. It is situated next to Salboni retreat which is a famous resort spread over 40 acres of wilderness. The garden will surely tempt visitors to photograph the picturesque backdrop it offers. One can stay at the Salboni retreat which is just a walking distance from the garden.

The path leading to garden has mango garden and is a delight taking a walk between those perfectly lined trees in evenings. The garden is quite uncommon and exceptionally beautiful with lush green grass and flowers all around. The garden is a perfect place to take a walk or spend some time with the loved ones sitting in the shades watching over the beautiful rose plants enjoying the cold breeze.

One can visit the place for a weekend get away just to have peace of mind. Other popular nearby sightseeing attractions are Bhesojo Udyan, Kanak Durga Mandir, Deer Park, Jhargram Rajbari, Hatipota etc. Salboni Retreat : Rs. 1200/- per person per day including food and lodging. Krish garden is open to visitors during timings 9 AM to 5 PM with mere entry fees.