Places around Kharagpur with Wildlife

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1/3 Places to Visit in Kharagpur with Wildlife
Gurguripal Eco Park
25 kms from Kharagpur city limits

Gurguripal Eco park, nestled in Gurguripal scrub forests on the banks of river Kansabati river at a distance of 25 kms away from Kharagpur and just 10 km from Medinipur, West Bengal.

The park is known for its scenic beauty and the mesemerizing atmosphere it is in. The park has facilities for visitors of all the age group. There is a small lake with the boating facilities available, with a nominal charges for visitors to go around to have a look at the park with a different theme. The lush green garden with trees and walkways make it a perfect place to spend time with the loved ones...

2/3 Places to Visit in Kharagpur with Wildlife
Hijli Eco Park
12 kms from Kharagpur city limits

The Hijli Eco Park is one of the famous natural eco parks located at a distance of 12 kms from the centre of the city of Kharagpur, close to the world famous Indian Institute of Technology. The eco park is located just a kilometer away from Prem Bazar gate.

The park has enchanting pathways with tall trees providing a canopy from both sides. The eco park also has a small nursery to take care of the plantlets. The large mango trees are famous among the people and they even forsake benches in order to enjoy sitting under them. Locals and IITians alike are often found enjoying the natu...

3/3 Places to Visit in Kharagpur with Wildlife
Krish Garden Kharagpur
32 kms from Kharagpur city limits

Krish Garden in Jhargram is one of the beautiful retreat located at a distance of 32 kms from Kharagpur city and is near to Jhargram forest range.

The garden is known for its wide variety of roses from different parts of the world. It is situated next to Salboni retreat which is a famous resort spread over 40 acres of wilderness. The garden will surely tempt visitors to photograph the picturesque backdrop it offers. One can stay at the Salboni retreat which is just a walking distance from the garden.

The path leading to garden has mango garden and is a delight taking a ...