Lord Shriram is one of the incarnations of the Lord Vishnu and he has a great place in Hinduism as a role model for many people to how one should live a life. Located in Bhadrachalam in Khammam district is the Sri Sita Rama Chandra Swamy Temple. Sri Sitarama Chandra Temple is a famous and ancient temple in located in Bhadrachalam of Bhadradri's district in Telangana State. It is almost 116 kms away from the main city Khammam.

Located on the banks of Godavari River, Sri Sita Rama Chandra temple is a well-known Hindu pilgrimage in Bhadrachalam town of Bhadradri district in Telangana. It is mentioned in the history of Lord Sri Rama temple which was constructed circa 17th Century CE by Lord Shriram's devotee Kancherla Gopanna like nearly 370 years ago. Kancheral Gopanna who was popularly called as Bhakta Ramadasu or Bhadrachalam Ramadasu was a 17th century devotee of Rama and even a composer of Carnatic music. His devotional songs are still gives the same spirituality feelings as well as heart-warming feeling towards Lord Shri Ram and these songs are well known as Ramadaasu Keertanalu. According to an epic story that Ramadasu was offered Moksham as a blessing by Lord Shriram but he rejected and asked that he will look after this holy temple in Bhadrachalam till the Kaliyug ends. That's why people believe that there is existence of Bhakta Ramadas till today in and around the temple.

There is an Ushnagundam (Hot Pool) located very near to the temple is the holy pool where people take a bath before visiting the temple. Sri Sita Rama Chandra Swamy Temple can be visited during timings 4:30 AM - 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Best season to visit during months between October and March. The temple is usually crowded during March and April as the festival Srirama Navami celebrated here during these months. Lots of food stalls, drinking water facilities are provided here and even staying here is never a problem as many hotels located around the temple.