Places around Khammam within 10 kms

Here's a list of all places you could visit in Khammam with your prescribed distance:

1/4 Places to Visit in Khammam within 10 kms

Khammam Fort is a famous Fort located nearly 1. 8 kilometers far from the city center of Khammam. It takes around only 5 minutes to reach by any vehicle to reach the glorious fort.

According to historical records the actual name of the fort is 'Khammammett' in which 'Mett' or Mettu' means fort in Telugu Language. This Khammam fort was actually constructed by Musunuri Kings. Based on some inscriptions discovered around the areas of Khammam fort and in the Krishna districts, these Musunuri Kings were belong to the periods between 10th and 11th Century AD. The Khammam fort was before th...

2/4 Places to Visit in Khammam within 10 kms
Lakaram Lake
Within Khammam city limits

A man-made lake within the city of Khammam called as Lakaram Lake. Lakaram Lake is located only 1. 3 kilometers far from the city center of Khammam and it is easily accessible by walk or through any vehicle.

This Lakaram Lake is one of the major attractions in Khammam. It is resided near to the Thummala Gadda Cheruvu (tank). It is located here since many years and there is no particular history about the origin of the lake. There is park constructed over here which is named after the Lakaram Lake and this park is now called as Lakaram Lake View. This Lakaram Lake today serves as majo...

3/4 Places to Visit in Khammam within 10 kms

The temple of Sri Narasimha Swami is located in the heart of the Town, which is popularly known to local people as Guha Gudi. The ancient temple is believed t be existing from Tretha Yuga. The name Khammam has been derived from the name of a local hill which has been called Stambhadri, that is an abode to Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy and also believed to have been in existence since Tretayuga.

During Tretha Yugam Mouthgalya Maharishi with his disciples penance here in a cave and he was blessed by Lord Vishnu. Mothgalya Maharishi requested Lord Vishnu to stay back in this place al...

4/4 Places to Visit in Khammam within 10 kms
Swami Ayyappa Temple, Khammam
Within Khammam city limits

The holy Ayyappa Swamy temple in Khammam, popularly known as Ayyapa Swamy Devasthanam or Swamy Ayyappa Temple in local language Telugu is a Hindu temple located in Khammam city. This holy pilgrimage of Ayyappa Swamy is located only 2. 6 kilometers far from the Khammam's city.

The Swamy Ayyapan Temple is generally busy during the Manual Madam that is between the months of Mid-November and January ending at par with Sabiramala temple. Everyday huge numbers of devotees pray here Swamy Ayyappan temple and many different rituals are being held every day here. Many Ayyappan devotees take A...