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1/3 Places to Visit in Khammam with food

Khammam Fort is a famous Fort located nearly 1. 8 kilometers far from the city center of Khammam. It takes around only 5 minutes to reach by any vehicle to reach the glorious fort.

According to historical records the actual name of the fort is 'Khammammett' in which 'Mett' or Mettu' means fort in Telugu Language. This Khammam fort was actually constructed by Musunuri Kings. Based on some inscriptions discovered around the areas of Khammam fort and in the Krishna districts, these Musunuri Kings were belong to the periods between 10th and 11th Century AD. The Khammam fort was before th...

2/3 Places to Visit in Khammam with food

Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary in Kinnerasani of Khammam district is famous for its vivid varieties of animals, especially deer's present here. This Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary located in Kinnerasani which is exactly 98 kms far from the main city Khammam and it takes around 2 hours minimum to reach the place through any private vehicles or public transport.

Kinnerasani named village is well known for its Wildlife Sanctuary located here with variety of animal species and genera. According to the records, Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary was constructed here during 1970's and it was...

3/3 Places to Visit in Khammam with food

Lord Shriram is one of the incarnations of the Lord Vishnu and he has a great place in Hinduism as a role model for many people to how one should live a life. Located in Bhadrachalam in Khammam district is the Sri Sita Rama Chandra Swamy Temple. Sri Sitarama Chandra Temple is a famous and ancient temple in located in Bhadrachalam of Bhadradri's district in Telangana State. It is almost 116 kms away from the main city Khammam.

Located on the banks of Godavari River, Sri Sita Rama Chandra temple is a well-known Hindu pilgrimage in Bhadrachalam town of Bhadradri district in Telangana. I...