Nimati Ghat, is located at a distance of 13. 7 kms from Jorhat city.

One of the most important ports of the state, the Nimati ghat serves as a link for ferry boats that operate from the river port to the Majuli Island, Kamalabari and Auniati. Nimati or Nimati Ghat is one excellent travel attraction, situated at a very short distance from Jorhat. The city of Jorhat was the last capital of Ahom Kingdom, and is also praised for featuring numerous historical monuments. Nimati river port is one of the strongest attributes behind the growth of Jorhat City. The port serves as administrative headquarters, commercial carrying centers and financial institutions.

At 5:00 AM the horizon shines as the bright sun enlightens the river bank. Coconut and betel nut trees created silhouettes against the pink sky. Any minute the sun would germinate from the mountains. Nimati Ghat is the place to reach before sunrise. Golden fields of ripened rice plants and Morning fog adds luxury to the sunrise which is quite common in the plains of Assam during autumn and winter. It is refreshing to spot so many birds within a short span.