Jorhat is a city and one of the important urban centres in the state of Assam in India. The historic city was a major trading center and the capital of the Ahoms. Tea plantation is the main agricultural activity of the city which also takes shape of a tourist attraction given its simple natural charm. Jorhat's rich culture and heritage combined with the numerous places to see makes it a major tourist attraction.

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The Bilvesvar Shiva Temple lies on the South Trunk Road, in the northern part of the district. This ancient shrine has a holy tank that was built by Rucinath Burgohain. It is located around 35 kms away from Jorhat City, on the National Highway 37 and can be reached by taxis and state operated buses.

Assam is few of those Indian destinations where the various faces of nature like hills, rivers, tea gardens and forests merge to showcase its overpowering beauty and serenity. Blessed with peaceful ambience and pleasant climate, every city of Assam in known to bring sheer respite to wea...

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Bongal Pukhuri Pond is one of the several man-made reservoirs of the Ahom era in Jorhat. It is locted in East Bongal Pukhuri road, Bashbari, Jorhat, Assam. It is located within the city limits of Jorhat.

Bongal Pukhuri Pond has a very famous historic background. Badan Chandra Borphukon who was from lower Assam and a traitor who helped the Burmese to win over Assam in 1817. It is said that he was murdered by the sword of Rupsing Bongal. Rupsing Bongal was a mercenary, it is said that he had washed his sword after assassinating Bodon Borphukan who collaborated with the Burmese forcess...

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Burigosain Devalay is a renowned temple in Jorhat. This temple is located in the heart of the city which was built by Ahom kingdom. Daily pooja is offered in the main temple of Maa Durja and the other temples of Lord Shiva, Ganesha and Kali located in the same campus. Peaceful place. It is located in the city centre and highly revered by people from all over the region as well as tourists. The main deity of the temple is Burigosain. An idol of a priest is also to be found in the shrine. It is believed that both the idols were brought from Jayantiya and first established in Rangpur and later mo...

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Chandra Kanta Handique Bhavan
Within Jorhat city limits

Chandrakanta Handique Bhawan is the head office of Asam Sahitya Sabha. The Chandrakanta Handique Bhavan, built in 1926, was donated by late Radhakanta Handique. It is the headquarters of Asam Sahitya Sabha. Personalities like late Chandradhar Baruah, late Dimbeswar Neog, late Mitradev Mahanta and other writers from Jorhat have adorned the presidency of Asom Sahitya Sabha.

All the cultural events are conducted by Assam Sahitya Sabha.

Chandrakanta Handique Bhawan can be visited during timings 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Cultural events help have their own specific timings. ...

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Chinnamora Tea Estate
20 kms from Jorhat city limits

Chinnamora Tea Estate is located in Mariani, at a distance 20 kms by Road. There are no direct trains or buses between Mariani to Jorhat. The convenient, fastest and cheapest way to reach from Mariani to Jorhat is to take a taxi from Mariani to Jorhat. The Cinnamora Tea Estate is the first tea estate of Assam.

The Cinnamora Tea Estate is the first tea garden of Assam which is famous for its tea. Maniram Dewan, a sirastadar of an assistant commissioner had established this tea estate in 1850. At that time, he worked under the British administration at Jorhat

The picturesq...

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Dhekiakhowa Barnamghar
40 kms from Jorhat city limits

Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar (Barnamghar) is one of the prominent tourist attraction in the city. It is located at Dhekiakhowa village of Jorhat, 40 kms east of Jorhat city.

Dhekiakhowa Bornaamghar is a 'Naamghar' (Prayer House) in Jorhat district, that was established by saint-reformer Madhavdeva. He kindled an earthen lamp there, which has been continuously burning since then being religiously refuelled with mustard oil by the priests till date. From the time of saint-reformer Sri Srimanta Sankardev and Madhavdev, this prayer hall has been continuing as an important centre for Baisnav ...

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Garh Ali, Assam
15 kms from Jorhat city limits

Garh Ali is one of the prominent tourist attraction in the city. It is about 15 kms from Johrat.

Garh Ali is a historic site constructed during the war between the Ahoms and the Moamarias. It is a huge embankmsent starting from Seoni Ali and extending up to the Naga hills. It was built with the aim to protect the Ahoms from enemy attacks. A beautiful temple within its premises is another of its attractions. A unique bridge, carved out of a single stone, can still be admired here. It is a beautiful place to visit. Although it is expanded till titabor, the cherismatic view of Garh Al...

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Gymkhana Club, Jorhat
5 kms from Jorhat city limits

Gymkhana Club is one of the prominent tourist attraction in the city. It is about 5 kms from Johrat.

Gymkhana club is a sports venue. It was built in 1876 by D. Slimmons. Gymkhana Club houses various facilities which include horse races, golf, cricket, polo, billards matches, and has a swimming pool and lawn tennis court as well. The Governor's cup is the major trophy which is awarded here annually. It's main attraction is the lush - green 9- hole golf course circuit. It is also the third oldest golf club in the world, which is still in use. This club served a venue for conducting ...

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Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary
22 kms from Jorhat city limits

The Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary, formerly known as the Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary or Hollongapar Reserve Forest, is an isolated protected area of evergreen forest located in Assam, India. The sanctuary was officially constituted and renamed in 1997. Set aside initially in 1881, its forests used to extend to the foothills of the Patkai mountain range. It is located at a distance of 22 kms from the Jorhat city.

The upper canopy of the forest is dominated by the Hollong tree (Dipterocarpus macrocarpus), while the Nahar (Mesua ferrea) dominates the middle canopy. The lower canopy cons...

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Jorhat Science Centre and Planetarium is a newly built science centre located in Atilagaon, Jorhat, Assam. It is located within the city limits of Jorhat.

Jorhat science Centre and Planetarium was inaugurated on July 06, 2013 by Shri Tarun Gogoi, Honourable chief Minister of Assam and Smt. Chandresh Kumari Katoch, who is the Honorable Minister of culture, executive of India. The science centre is spread in an area of around 1300 square metres. This science centre was develpoed by our country's National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture, Government of India. The authori...

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13 kms from Jorhat city limits

Kakochang Waterfalls is one of the prominent tourist attraction in the city. It is about 13 kms from Johrat.

The waterfall is Mediterranean - blue and magical. The water thunders down into the pool like a gigantic water spout. Fronds of forest - green plants waved gently in the depths. The waterfall looks like a sheet of blue velour as it swished down. Its edge hemmed with whipped - white lines.

A group of amazonian ferns, edged with saw's teeth and statue still, add a tropical flavour to the destination. Flowing down in between the rubber and coffee plantations, Kakoch...

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Kokilamukh Picnic Spot
11 kms from Jorhat city limits

Kokilamukh picnic spot is a popular place located in Kokilamukh, Assam. It is located around 11 kms away from the city centre of Jorhat.

Kokilamukh picnic spot has a great historical background. It is said that Chandra Kanta Singha, one of the last successors of the Ahom kings was defeated here by the force of Burmese. Nnother Ahom king who was Pratap Singha built a street along the Brahmaputra which is referred to as Bar-Ali from Dergaon to Garhgaon and Kokilamukh, which later became a very important route. Later, the British first started out their ferry service from Kokilamukh Gh...

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Kotoki Pukhuri
Within Jorhat city limits

Kotoki Pukhuri is a man-made reservior located in Jorhat.

Kotoki Pukhuri is an old pond that was dug by the Ahoms. It is situated near the road, making it quite accessible. It is filled with water all round the year.

Pleasant climate during the season is apt for sightseeing in Jorhat. The best season to visit Jorhat is during winter. The temperature remains comfortable and is apt for sightseeing. The best months to visit are October, November, January and March. There is no entry fee and there are no rigid timings. ...

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Lachit Borphukan's Maidam
16 kms from Jorhat city limits

Lachit Borphukan's Maidam is a historical landmark and tomb of Lachit Borphukan which is located in Norahiloidari Gaon, Assam. It is located around 16 kms away from the city centre of Jorhat.

The Lachit Borphukhan's Maidam is one of the places of interest in the city. It is a place which consists of a memorial stone which was constructed in the memory of Lachit Borphukan who became an Ahom widespread. It is said that he had exquisite military skills and fought very bravely in the conflict of Saraighat which happened in 1671 under the command of Ramsingh, they won and reconqured Guwa...

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Ladai Garh, Jorhat
15 kms from Jorhat city limits

Ladai Garh is one of the prominent tourist attraction in the city. It is about 15 kms from Johrat.

Ladai Garh is a fortified structure that was built to protect the town from enemy intrusion. King Pratap Sinha had built this structure to protect his town. There are three parts in the fort and each faces a different direction. The three parts are Mera Garh, Swalat Garh and Ladai Garh. The Ladai Garh is regarded as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Jorhat. The Swalat Garh is in the northern side, while the Ladai Garh lies on the southern side. It is all surrounded by...

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Magolu Khat
6 kms from Jorhat city limits

Magolu Khat is one of the prominent tourist attraction in the city. It is about 6 kms west of Johrat. Magolu Khat is a site of historic ruins.

Magolu Khat is a historically significant tourist destination in Jorhat. King Rajeshwar Sinha had built the Magolus or the Manipuris after marrying a Manipuri princess. The king had married Kuranganayani, the Manipuri princess at Manaimaji village. The site stands as a symbol of what a king could do for his wife. Though the place lies in ruins today, the aura and the memories haven't diminished yet. The site may not be majestic in the quinte...

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Molai Forest
14 kms from Jorhat city limits

Molai forest is a forest on Majuli Island in the Brahmaputra River near Kokilamukh, Jorhat district. It is located at a distance of 14 kms from Jorhat city. Molai forest is named after Padma Shri Jadav "Molai" Payeng, Indian environmental activist and forestry worker. After an initial 200 hectare planting by the social forestry division of Golaghat district was abandoned in 1983, the forest was single-handedly attended by Payeng for 30 years and now encompasses an area of about 1,360 acres / 550 hectares. Payeng planted and tended trees on a sandbar of Majuli island in the Brahmaputra River, e...

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Nimati Ghat
13.7 kms from Jorhat city limits

Nimati Ghat, is located at a distance of 13. 7 kms from Jorhat city.

One of the most important ports of the state, the Nimati ghat serves as a link for ferry boats that operate from the river port to the Majuli Island, Kamalabari and Auniati. Nimati or Nimati Ghat is one excellent travel attraction, situated at a very short distance from Jorhat. The city of Jorhat was the last capital of Ahom Kingdom, and is also praised for featuring numerous historical monuments. Nimati river port is one of the strongest attributes behind the growth of Jorhat City. The port serves as administrati...

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Raja Maidam, Jorhat
Within Jorhat city limits

Raja Maidam lies on the south bank of Tocklai river on the northern side of Jorhat town. The Maidam (Vault) is of king Purandar Sinha who expired on 1 October 1894. The present maidam was constructed to preserve the ashes of the late king. It is now surrounded by a pretty park.

Counted among the most important sites in Jorhat, the Raja Maidam is the vault that lies on the south banks of Tocklai river. The Raja Maidam was used to cremate King Purandar Sinha who passed away on 1st October, 1894. The Raja Maidam was primarily constructed to preserve the ashes of the late king, but tod...

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Sukapha Samannay Kshetra, Jorhat
15 kms from Jorhat city limits

Sukapha Samannay Kshetra is a recently built memorial which is located at AT road, Mohbondha, Jorhat, Assam. It is located around 15 kms away from the city centre of Jorhat.

Sukapha Samannay Kshetra was built with the reminiscence of Sukapha, who was the first Ahom king of Assam. The memorial was built to preserve the reputation of the 600 years of Ahom rule, inside the area. Sukapha became the founder of the Ahom state which is said to have existed for nearly six hundred years. A Thai prince, Sukapha got here to the area by crossing the Patkai range. The Sukaphas Samannay Kshetra w...

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Tarajan Sanmilan Puja Mandir is a Hindu temple located in Jorhat city.

Durga Puja pandals within the municipality and its adjoining areas, Jorhat has been lavishly decorated for the autumn festivities. Almost all puja pandals here are replicas of monuments, temples and famous buildings, besides valued animals like camels. From the historic to the newly-registered puja celebration committees have been leaving no stone unturned to attract the devotees to their pandals which have been decorated with various thematic presentations. Best time to visit would be during the grand celebrat...

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Thengal Bhavan, Jorhat
15 kms from Jorhat city limits

Thengal Bhawan is one of the prominent tourist attraction in the city. It is about 15 kms from Johrat.

Thengal Bhawan was built in 1880 by Raibahadur Siva Prasad Barooah. In 1929, he published a weekly Assamese newspaper. Later, he established his printing press and office at Thengal Bhawan and managed to publish a daily newspaper, Dainik Batori. Siva Prasad Barooah was the owner and Bagmibar Nilamani Phukan was the editor of this daily newspaper. This newspaper was published from such a place, Thengal Bhawan, where there was no post office. It was the first daily newspaper in Assa...

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Tocklai Tea Research Centre
6 kms from Jorhat city limits

The Tocklai Tea Research Institute (formerly Tocklai Experimental Station) was established in 1911, at a site near the River Tocklai in Jorhat, Assam. It is located at a distance of 6 kms from Jorhat city center.

The initial construction of a laboratory and two bungalows was funded by the tea industry, subsidised by the national government of India, and the Indian states of Assam and Bengal. The beginning of a new era of tea research in India was marked by the establishment of the Scientific Department of Indian Tea Association (ITA) in the year 1900. This was consolidated with the...