The Rai Praveen Palace, also known as the Rai Praveen Manika Bhavan, lies in Orchha. This palace was built in honour of the eminent personality of Orchha noted for her beauty, flair of poetry and melodious music, Rai Parveen, popularly known as 'Nightingale of Orchcha'. It is located at a distance of 20 kms from Jhansi.

Maharaja Indrajit Singh built the marvellous three-storeyed palace in 1618 AD. Rai Praveen was well known for 3 things; her enchanting beauty, poetry and music. Also, famous for being the paramour of Indrajit Singh, in whose court she performed, her fame inevitably spread far and wide and finally reached the Imperial Court of Akbar. The Mughal emperor was smitten by her, and he arrogantly summoned her to his darbar. King Indrajit Singh was too weak-kneed a ruler to defy the Imperial summons.

The Rai Praveen Palace was constructed by King Indrajit Singh for his beloved in the shape of a three-storeyed fort. The walls of the central hall on the second story of the Palace bear many paintings depicting the several moods of the Rai Praveen. The palace is divided into two parts through an octagonally shaped garden which is popularly known as Anand Mandal Bag. Rai Praveen was a great beauty, who apart from having an interest in poetry and music, was outstanding in dancing and horse riding too. The famous poet Keshavdas has compiled Kavi Priya to honour Rai Praveen and praised her beauty comparing her with Roopmati & Mriganayani. The literary scene of the royal court of Orchha was then, under the full impact of Keshav's influence. He was a great teacher to his son, Bihari and Rai Praveen. Kavi Priya, ostensibly composed to teach poetics to Rai Praveen, has words of affection for her. He says, "Sobha subh sani parmarath nidhani diha, Kalusha Kripani mani sab jag jani hai; Poorav ke pure punya suni Praveen Rai, Teri vani meri Rani Ganga kaio Pani Hai". Upon being summoned again, Rai Praveen went to the Mughal court in 1602 to save Orchha and its ruler from getting into further problem.

The entry fees for the Rai Praveen Palace is INR 10 per person for Indians and INR 250 per person for Foreigners. The Rai Praveen Palace can be visited during timings 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.