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1/5 Places to Visit in Jhansi with water

The Barua Sagar Fort is located in the Talarmanna area, nearly 23 kms away from the city of Jhansi.

The forts and palaces near the city of Jhansi and the Bundelkhand area are a real splendor and shout about the rich history of the glorious and royal lands of the area. The entire Jhansi reeks about the stories of valor and chivalry of the kings and knights of the era. Barua Sagar Fort is the most famous standing structure of the area and it was constructed by Raja Udit Singh. The main fort is in ruins but nevertheless, it commands a gorgeous view of the Barua Sagar Lake and the surrou...

2/5 Places to Visit in Jhansi with water
Barua Sagar Lake
23 kms from Jhansi city limits

Barua Sagar Lake, also known as Barua Sagar Tal locally, is located at a distance of 23 kms from Jhansi.

The Barua Sagar Lake was created around 260 years ago by Raja Udit Singh of Orchha. He issued the order for the building of the embankment around the lake. Nearby the lake is the historic battlefield where there was a clash between the Peshwa’s troops and the Bundelas in 1744. The battlefield saw the death of Joti Bhau, the elder brother of Maharaja Madhuji Scindia. The embankment around the lake is a unique example of architecture and engineering. There is an old fort, also com...

3/5 Places to Visit in Jhansi with water

Lakshmi Narayan Mandir is a one of the three famous temple of Orchha and is counted among popular Orchha tourist attractions. It is located at about 20 kms away from Jhansi, on southwest side of Orchha village.

The magnificient Lakshminarayan temple was built by Vir Singh Deo around 1662. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi but there is no idol of any goddess inside temple. It presents a unique style of architecture. and is a perfect blend of temple and fort architecture. The structure of the temple is a rectangular one with four multi-faced projecting bastions at its four cor...

4/5 Places to Visit in Jhansi with water
Laxmi Talab, Jhansi
Within Jhansi city limits

Laxmi Talab is one of the oldest lakes in the Bundelkhand region, around 400 years old the lake is also a part of the historical legacy of the Region. Addressed at Shivaji Nagar, the Laxmi Talab is around 3. 3 Km from the heart of Jhansi and can be reached in under 20 mins via the Gwalior Road.

Laxmi talab or also known natively as Laxmi Tal was once the main source of water supply to the city which flourished within the Fort Walls the in 18th century. The Mahalakshmi temple is located on the banks of the Lakshmi Talab, close to the Lakshmi Gate. Narayan Bagh, a park is also locate...

5/5 Places to Visit in Jhansi with water
Parichha Dam
25 kms from Jhansi city limits

Parichha Dam is located about 25 kilometers from the city of Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh.

The Parichha Dam is a man-made reservoir. It is located near the town of Parichha on the Jhansi-Kanpur highway. The Parichha Dam is 1,174. 6 meters long and 16. 77 meters high. It is the main source of water for the nearby areas and the city of Jhansi. The water from the dam is used for both drinking and agricultural purposes. It also houses a thermal electric power station, which generates 1149 MW of power. There are many activities that are present for the entertainment of the tourists visiting th...