The Barua Sagar Fort is located in the Talarmanna area, nearly 23 kms away from the city of Jhansi.

The forts and palaces near the city of Jhansi and the Bundelkhand area are a real splendor and shout about the rich history of the glorious and royal lands of the area. The entire Jhansi reeks about the stories of valor and chivalry of the kings and knights of the era. Barua Sagar Fort is the most famous standing structure of the area and it was constructed by Raja Udit Singh. The main fort is in ruins but nevertheless, it commands a gorgeous view of the Barua Sagar Lake and the surrounding area. There are plenty of opportunities for the photographers to capture quite scenic pictures. The entire area of Barua Sagar was named after the Barua Sagar Lake, which was formed about 260 years ago. The embankment around the lake was commissioned to be built by Raja Udit Singh of Orchha. The embankment is another example of fascinating architecture and engineering of the era. The whole area speaks of a royal heritage and there is a certain eminence that commands the hearts of the people who visit the place.

The best time to visit the city of Jhansi is from November to March, when the weather remains quite pleasant and calm. Other times of the year, the weather is hot and temperatures can reach as high as 45 degree Celsius. The peak season to visit the city is during February, when the city celebrates the Jhansi Festival.

The typical package for the Fort begins from Rs 1400 per person. Barua Sagar Fort can be visited during timings 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM. The average time that people spend in the Barua Sagar Fort is one hour. The fort is open all days of the week and the entry for the fort is free. There is also an included service for an English-speaking local guide.