The Jayanti Sarovar is situated in Sakchi, Jamshedpur in the state of Jharkhand. The lake is located 2 kms away from the Golchakkar bus stand and can be travelled within 5 to 6 minutes via the NH118 and the Subarnarekha Link Road. There are 3 major landmarks to the Jayanti Sarovar. They are the Tata Steel Zoological Park, the Jubilee Park and the Subarnarekha River.

The Jayanti Sarovar is a huge lake that is a complete treat to the eyes. The lake is often the most crucial tourist attraction of Sakchi. The Tata Steel Zoological Park and the Jubilee Park are very closely situated with the Jayanti Sarovar. This lake is a natural lake that has a great vibe to it and is hence an epitome of serenity well within the city. The lake has lush green forest all around it and have many water purification fountains near the Jubilee Park.

The speciality of this lake is closely bound to the attractions that prevail in the Jubilee Park. The park is known have abundant roses that add to the scenic beauty of the lake. The lake is a contributing factor to this beauty. It is famous for being a great picnic spot within the city of Jamshedpur. The lake plays a major role in the functions of the Jubilee Park that it is linked to.

Visitors enjoy this picnic spot on all months of the year except during the harsh summers. It is best suggested to visit the Jayanti Sarovar between Decembers to February. Visitors can visit this lake anytime during timings 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM.