Jamnagar is a city in the western Indian state of Gujarat. On an island in Lakhota Lake, Lakhota Palace and Museum is a former fort that exhibits weapons, sculptures and pottery from the 9th to 18th centuries. At Bala Hanuman Temple, the Rama Naam prayer has been chanted continuously since 1964. To the northeast, the marshlands of Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary attract spotted deer, painted storks and migratory birds.

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Adinath Jain Temple in the Chandi Bazaar area of Jamnagar in Gujarat is a pious place for followers of Jainism all over India. This temple is dedicated to 'Adinath' or 'Rishabhanatha' who was the first Thirthankara in Jainism. The word 'Adinath' translates to 'the first teacher of the world'. Adinath Jain temple was built between 1574 and 1622. 52 smaller temples are present around the main structure of the temple.

The stories of Jain Thirthankaras have been beautifully depicted in the form of painitings of blue, yellow, pink, green and orange colours inside the temple. Different t...

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Aradhana Dham, Jamnagar
42 kms from Jamnagar city limits

Shri Halar Tirth Aradhana Dham, Jamnagar is located on the bank of the Sinhan River in the middle of the lovely sound of the rippling waves of water of the dam, near the gardens of various fruits, on the shore of the western sea. It is famous for its serene and tranquil surroundings. Aradhana Dham is Jain Pilgrim centre located on the outskirts of Jamnagar over 40 acres bordering the Jamnagar Dwarka highway. It is located at a distance of around 42 kms from Jamnagar city.

For getting peace of mind, Jain temple and Lord Jineshwara are both very useful. They are the main support of ...

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Bala Hanuman Temple, also known as Shri Balahanuman Sankirtan Mandir is situated at the south east side of Ranmal Lake (or Lakhota Lake) in Jamnagar. It is situated at distance of 4 kms from Jamnagar Old Railway Station.

Bala Hanuman Temple hols tremendous importance for people there especially for those who are devotees of Lord Hanuman as the temple is dedicated to Hanumanji only. Shri Bala Hanuman Sankirtan Mandir is the oldest temple established by Shri Prembhikshuji Maharaj in 1963-64. The simple looking structure houses the idols of Lord Ram, Lord Lakshman, Goddess Sita and Lo...

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Balachari Beach
26 kms from Jamnagar city limits

Balachari beach is a beach located at the coastline of Jamnagar, at a distance of about 26 kms from the heart of the city. It is a popular holiday spot among locals and travellers alike, which can be counted on for providing the perfect setting for leisurely strolls as well as family picnics because it is located away from the hustle of the city. Hence, it provides visitors with a chance to spend some quiet and private time while enjoying a view of the limitless ocean.

What makes Balachari beach the most sought after beach in Jamnagar is the view it provides of the shimmering moon...

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BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Jamnagar is huge brown marble temple with a large sprawling area beautifully maintained. It is located about 4 km away from the city of Jamnagar. The Swaminarayan temple is a modern architectural beauty. The entry is with stairs ascending to a pathway leading to the temple with big lawns and gardens surrounding it. The temple premise is so calm and serene and the sculptures, carvings on the wall and details are a treat to the eye. It looks ethereal in the night due to its lighting. A prasad is served there that you can buy and its delicious. The BAPS Swaminarayan...

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Bedi Port
4.3 kms from Jamnagar city limits

Bedi Port is present in the south-eastern coast of Gulf of Kutch. It is just 4. 3 kms from the city of Jamnagar, Gujarat. It lies near to the Indian Naval Base INS Valsura. On the roadway toward Bedi port, one may also encounter the salt planes lying both sides around the road.

Bedi Port is far more than just any other regular port. Person of every age group can find something of their interest. Particularly, you can find scenic beauty of a sunset, which can attract any nature lover. Being at a port you can find ship material lying around the port.

Apart from scenic att...

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Beyt Dwarka Beach, Jamnagar
148 kms from Jamnagar city limits

Beyt Dwarka is an inhabited island at the mouth of Gulf of Kutch in the Jamnagar district of Gujarat. It gets its name due to its location in the Beyt Island, about 30 kilometres from Dwarka and 148 kms away from Jamnagar. It is also called Shankhodhar as the island is a large source of conch shells (Shankh).

The Beyt is the first place in Gujarat developed for ecotourism. It is surrounded by several sand beaches. The southeast most end is known as Dunny Point which is surrounded by sea on three sides. A variety of water birds crowd along the shores of the Arabian Sea and impart a c...

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The city of Jamnagar, in Gujarat is known to have a couple of the phenomenal Temples in India. Thus, consistently travellers rush the city in extensive numbers to observe the finest blessings of history. Among these are gone by the vacationers shape different parts of India and the world. Among the Temples in Jamnagar, the BhidBhanjan Temple, Jamnagar merits an exceptional say. It is located near Bedi Gate, west of the town hall. BhidBhanjan Temple is one of the oldest temples in Jamnagar and is a marvellous example of the Hindu architecture. This beautiful temple was constructed during th...

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Bhujiyo Kotho also known as Bhujiyo Bastion, once an arsenal and still an impressive structure with a panoramic view on all sides located in the heart of Jamnagar which is located within city limits.

Bhujiyo Kotho is one of the imperial structures of Jamnagar. It was built by the earlier rulers of this city who wanted to protect the city from invasion particularly from the side of the rivers. This was the reason for building it close to the Lakhota Lake. Due to its height, Bhujiyo Kotho was used to have a panoramic view of the entire city of Jamnagar which in those days was known ...

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Jamnagar is sometimes referred to as Chhota Kashi (small Kashi), because of the abundance of temples and holy places around the city. One of them is The dargah of the Dawoodi Bohra community, also known as the Bohra Hajira, a magnificent mausoleum in worship of a Muslim saint, on the banks of the river near the Rajkot highway lying within the city limits.

The Bohra Hajira is a beautiful mausoleum,the resting place of Mota Bawa. It is a place of pilgrimage and is visited by devout Dawoodi Bohras from all over the world, here pay their respects, make a wish or take a vow. The Mausol...

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Brahma Kumari Center, Jamnagar
Within Jamnagar city limits

Brahma kumari center is a museum in Jamnagar. It also provides meditation classes and spiritual classes here. It is located near Kadiawad in Jamnagar.

Brahma kumari center is a unique, spiritual, value based education institution. It has created a school and two institutions for a better world and developing a value based society. Brahma kumari center focuses on the development of human potential and bringing harmony in human relations. The center helps in changing the attitude and the outlook of people to promote brotherhood,love and cooperation. The center offers people of all ...

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Cremation Park, Jamnagar
92 kms from Jamnagar city limits

Kileshwar is a small mountain area famous for Kileshwar Mahadev temple and fort constructed by Shri Jaam Sahib; the famous rajvi of Jamnagar. It is located at 92 kms from Jamnagar city and can be reached by Jam Khambhaliya or Porbandar.

Kileshwar is known for its beautiful Mahadev Temple surrounded by mountains, located in Barda Hills, Jamnagar, Gujarat. Jamnagar's rajvi shri Jaam Sahib has constructed the Kileshwar mahadev temple and this is how the name of this place is given. Also there is a believe that the pandavas took shelter here during there vanvas. Kileshwar located at Ba...

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The ancient royal Darbargadh (maharajah's palace) is the most significant historical complex in Jamnagar, which manifests the fusion of European and Rajput styles of architecture. It is located to the east of Chandi Chowk lying within limits of Jamnagar city.

"Darbargadh"stands for the city of palaces of former kings of princely kingdoms that once made up the region. The darbargadh's pre-dated the coming of the britis as it contains architecture ,art and sometimes even artifact ,dating back to several hundred of years almost no inflence from the European style. Darbargadh Palace, s...

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Dwarkadhish Temple, Jamnagar
130.6 kms from Jamnagar city limits

While taking a tour of Jamnagur, one destination that visitors should not miss is the holy visit to the Dwarkadhish Temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna. The Temple is at a distance of 2. 5 hours drive. i. e, approximately at around 130. 6 kms distance from Jamnagar.

The Dwarkadhish Temple, also known as Jagat Mandir is located in Dwarka, a legendary and holy city in the state of Gujarat. The temple is a venerated pilgrimage destination for all Hindu pilgrims as it is one of Chardham or monasteries of Hinduism set up by Adi Shankaracharya. The temple dates back to be approximately 250...

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Electrical technology museum is situated at INS Valsura, Jamnagar.

It is one of the few naval museums in the region but is restricted for civilians. It usually opens for all on the navy day celebration at December.

Entry fees of INR 2 for Indians. INR 50 for foreigners

When open in December, it can be visited during timings 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM. ...

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Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary
110 kms from Jamnagar city limits

Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary is located near village Gaga in Kalyanpur Taluka of Devbhumi Dwarka. It is located 22km away from Bhatiya and 110 kms away from Jamnagar. It is situated in the Saurashtra peninsula on the coastal areas of Gulf of Kutch enclosed by high tidal zone in the north and pastoral fields and wastelands. It is located on a regular route for the migratory birds, Asian migratory flyway.

The Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary got the status of a sanctuary under the Section 18, Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. It is a 332. 87 hectares sanctuary established in November 1988. Gaga Wildl...

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Garbi Chowk, Jamnagar
Within Jamnagar city limits

Garbi chowk is a historical landmark in Jamnagar. It is a sort of market place. It is located near shankar tekri in Jamnagar in digvijay plot.

Garbi chowk has a sprawling market place where one can take benefits of the services provided. Visitors can find parlours, food stalls, and many other shops. One of the most famouse produces sold at the market is the dry fruit kachori. Also the market place is famous for the shopping of bangles. There are also many famous bakeries and confectionaries of Jamnagar here.

Garbi chowk is open 24 hours daily. The place is recommend...

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Harshidhi Temple, Jamnagar
Within Jamnagar city limits

Harshidhi Temple is located at Ranjit Nagar, Summair Club Road, Jamnagar which is within the city limits of Jamnagar.

It is a temple of a regional Hindu goddess, Harsidhhi popular in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and adjoining Maharashtra. Goddess Harsiddhi was the kuldevi of Lord Krishna. He prayed her before fights for victory. The deity has considered been the Kuldevi (God of the Clan) of Jadejas(Yadavs). Harsiddhi, a contracted form of "Harshad Amba" - The Happy Mother. It is considered one of the aspect of Amba and Kalika, the Hindu Devi and is also known by the names like Harshal, H...

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Jhulelal Mandir, Jamnagar
Within Jamnagar city limits

Jhulelal Mandir is located at Teenbati Road, Jamnagar which is nearly 2 km away from the city centre of Jamnagar. It is a temple f Jhulelal, Ishtdev of Sindhi Hindus, who is regarded as the incarnation of Varuna.

Jhulelal Mandir is a shrine dedicated to Jhulelal. Jhulelal is represented in the most common form here, as a bearded man sitting on a Lotus flowerresting on a palla fish. There are slogans written in Gujarati and Urdu on the walls of the Jhulelal mandir. One can also find quotes on the walls praising the greatness of Jhulelal. The temple also houses old wall paintings of Jh...

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Jogger's Park, Jamnagar
Within Jamnagar city limits

Jogger's Park is a newly built botanical garden in the city. The original name of the park is Gulab Kunvarbaa Udhyan. It is highly utilized by the regular joggers and walkers of the city. It is located at Park Colony, Jamnagar, Gujarat lying within the city limits.

Due to the setting up of the refinery and industrilisation of the city, Jamnagar's population has invariably increased than what it was few years back. Many outsiders have come and settled in the city for job purpose. Also tourists who pour into the city are living in the city on a temporary basis. whatever may be the ca...

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Khambalia gate is a historical gate made by Wazir Meraman Khawa in the 17th century. It was originally made as the entrance for city Khambalia but now it is present in the city center of Jamnagar. Visitors can reach this place by car or rented taxis. Since this place is the part of Jamnagar, you can plan this place on your trip of Jamnagar.

Khambalia gate is a monument of historical importance. Being centuries old, this monument has been renovated several times and as a result, it is still in really good shape. The elevated arch built on the gate glorifies the gate and presents the...

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Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary is located around 12 km north east of Jamnagar and has an area stretching up to 6. 05 km. The unique ecosystem is partly man-made and partly nature's bounty. It is home to a number of resident and migratory birds and features a seasonal freshwater shallow lake, inter-tidal mudflats, creeks, saltpans, saline land and mangrove scrub. It is very clean and well organised with a viewing tower to look around the landscape with a holistic perspective. A birdwatchers paradise, it was officially declared as a sanctuary in May 1981.

If Jamnagar is a haven for bird wa...

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Kileshwar is a small mountain area famous for Kileshwar Mahadev temple and fort constructed by Shri Jaam Sahib; the famous rajvi of Jamnagar. It is located at 18 KM from Bhanvad village of Jamnagar district and can be reached by Jam Khambhaliya or Porbandar.

Kileshwar is known for its beautiful Mahadev Temple surrounded by mountains, located in Barda Hills, Jamnagar, Gujarat. Jamnagar's rajvi shri Jaam Sahib has constructed the Kileshwar mahadev temple and this is how the name of this place is given. Also there is a believe that the pandavas took shelter here during there vanvas....

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Kotha Bastion is one of the oldest museum in Gujarat. It is located in Jamnagar, near ranmal lake.

The Kotha Bastion is the treasure of Jamnagar. The entire place is built like a fort with the ranmal lake as a natural moat. It has collections of coins, sculpture, inscriptions copper plates and the skeleton of a whale. Its interseting feature is that it is an old well. Here the water can be brought out by blowing a small hole on the floor. The structure is one of the most comprehensive collections of arsenal in the Gujarat. This place is one of the most prized and a must watch for...

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Lakhota Lake, Jamnagar
9 kms from Jamnagar city limits

Lakhota Lake, locally known as Lakhota Talav, is one of the serene places to visit in Jamnagar, Gujarat. It lies in the heart of the city, free from the hustles of the city. It is a magical endower for finding peace of mind, along with exploring the heritage treasures it stores.

Lakhota Lake, surrounds Lakhota Fort, which is situated in an island inside. King of Navangar, Jan Ranmal II , in the mid-19th century AD constructed the lake and the palace. The lake has its walking tracks, to give the pleasure of uniting oneself to the natural beauty of the place. Lakhota Lake houses a mu...

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The Lakhota Palace in Jamnagar is one of the major tourist attractions in Gujarat, which you cannot afford to miss while on your tour to the state's monuments. It is a small palace located on an island in the midst of the Lakhota Lake, which is just 4 km from old Jamnagar Railway Station and 9 kms from the city.

Lakhota tower, built for drought relief on orders from Jam Ranmalji after the failed monsoons in 1834, 1839 and 1846 made it difficult for the people of the city to find food and resources. Originally designed as a fort such that soldiers posted around it could fend off an ...

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Mota Ashapura Aaa Mandir is one of prominent temples in Jamnagar that pulls a lot of tourists due to its historic significance. It is located within Jamnagar city limits

The temple is located near to Darbargadh in old city area. There is also a sprawling market close to the temple where locals procure fresh produce. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Ashapura, Kuldevi(God of Clan) of Jadeja Rajputs who ruled at Jamnagar. The temple was originally built by the king of Jamnagar. The temple is built in old heritage style and has open spaces around. It is recommended that visitors visit t...

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Narara Marine National Park
27 kms from Jamnagar city limits

Marine National Park in the Gulf of Kutch is situated on the southern shore of the Gulf of Kachchh in the Devbhumi Dwarka district of Gujarat state, India at a distance of 27 kms from city centre.

India's first Marine Wildlife Sanctuary and first Marine National Park were created here in the Gulf of Kutch in 1980 and 1982, respectively. This was a leap forward in societal and governmental consciousness about interacting with the natural world. The sanctuary covers 458 sq km, of which the park covers 163 sq km. It is an archipelago of 42 tropical islands along the northern coast of ...

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Nilkanth Mahadev Temple is located in Gujarat, 2 km away from the city of Jamnagar on the route to Khambaliya. It is a small, old temple amidst nature with a canopy of treesover it. The temple has a peaceful but interesting ambience with the chirping of birds, squirrels and other natural sounds surrounding the premises.

Nilkanth Mahadev Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Nilkanth, an aspect of Shiva. It is a perfect place for one to spend the morning hours. The temple is moderately clean and maintained, has old architecture but it still gives out lovely positive vibes. As one ente...

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Pirotan Island
22 kms from Jamnagar city limits

Pirotan island, whose name has been derived from the name of the ancient city 'Pirotan Patan', is a part of the 42 islands that constitute the Marine National Park in the Jamnagar district of Gujarat. Rich in mangroves and aquatic diversity, it gives its visitors an opportunity to experience natural beauty in the true sense of the word. Before visiting the island, one needs to take the required permission from the Forest Department, Customs department and the ports, and also from the State police in case the traveller is not a resident of India. It is located at a distance of 22 kms from Bedi ...

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The Pratap Vilas Palace is a remarkable place, which was built during the reign of His Royal Highness Jam Ranjit Singhji who himself lived in the Darbargarh Palace which is now set up as a museum. It is located about 1. 4 km from Jamnagar city. Jamnagar today is a bustling, growing city. On one hand, there are established brass industries and oil refineries set up by Essar and Reliance, leading to an influx of business visitors. But, on the other hand, the city has still kept up its reputation as a tourist attraction. It is visited by a multitude of tourists arriving here to visit the coastal ...

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Raisi Shahs temple is a Jain temple is located at Shakar Tekri on Summair Club Road, Jamnanagar, Gujarat.

Raisi shah's temple is one of the three jain temple on the south of the mosque built between 1574 to 1622. In three jain temple most indicate of which is Raisi Shah's temple, dedicated to tirthnkar Shantinath, with a scantum dome decorated with gold inlay work.

This temple is best place for historic places lovers. This temple is famous for its various chambers elaborate geometric patterns in the marble floors,many with mirrorized ceiling make you mesmerized.


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Rangmati River
4 kms from Jamnagar city limits

If you are planning a trip to Gujarat then one cannot forget to visit Rangmati River. Rangmati River can be majorly found near the city of Jamnagar. Jamnagar was built across Rangamati River.

Rangmati river originates near Rampar and mixes up with the Arabian sea. The total length of this river is 50 km. The city was built here by the Jam Rawal, and it is presently named after him. There is a legend which speaks of how the city was set up by Jam Rawal. Legend says that once he chanced upon a hare at the bank of the river, which was chasing the king's hunting dogs. Observing such a ...

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Ranjitsagar Dam
8 kms from Jamnagar city limits

Ranjitsagar Dam of Jamnagar is the source of water for the city. It is place is located very near to Jamnagar City, at a distance of around 8 kms. It has a municipal garden, a pleasant spot for picnics and birdwatching during the migratory season. The rulers of Jamnagar are remembered for their altruistic development work even today and Ranjitsagar Dam is one such mute testimonial to their activities. You can catch a train to Jamnagar direct from your city or alight at Ahmedabad and catch an onward train to the city. The Ranjitsagar Dam is located near Dared on the Sama Road along State Hig...

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Ranmal Lake and Park, Jamnagar
8 kms from Jamnagar city limits

Situated around 8 Kms away from the city of Jamnagar, Ranmal Lake is a mind pleasing spot which houses various activities like lesser Show, Playing area for kids, Museums, Solarium, Food Area.

One of the most impressive Lakes and Rivers in Jamnagar, the Ranmal Lake in Jamnagar greets you the moment you step into the city of Jamnagar . The lake is surrounded by a walkway that eases the natural intake. The archeological monuments built are pleasing to eye and lenses of the camera. The lake along with pleasing the mind and the sole from its serenity is a house for mouth watering Guaja...

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Ratan Bai Masjid is located at Panchasar, Kadiawad, Jamnagar which is nearly 3 km away from the city center. Ratan Bai Masjid is an elegant tall strcture located in the center of the old Jamnagar City. It is one of the ancient mosques in the Jamnagar city having an elegant structure.

Ratan Bai Masjid is a hard to miss structure if you are nearby. It has a beautiful structure with two green and white color minarets. The doors of the mosque are made up of sandalwood, having built with mother-of-pearl. Ratan Bai Masjid has its own rain harvesting system with a water collecting tank to p...

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The main attraction of tourists at Jamnagar are temples, and Shantinath Temple is among them. Shantinath temple is a Jain temple, named after sixteenth 'Jain Tirthankar'. Though being a Jain temple it is visited by followers of all religions and beliefs. It is present in the southwestern portion of the Bedi gate in Jamnagar. There are many restaurants and hotels present near the temple which facilitates the tourists in many ways.

Shantinath Temple is filled with elaborate carvings and fine frescos all over its walls and it attracts the visitors from all over the world. Paintings pa...

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Sir Peter Scott Nature Park is situated on Palace Rd, Valkeshwari, Park Colony, Jamnagar lying within the city limits.

Sightseeing places in Jamnagar comprises of important forts, monuments, parks and palaces showcasing the heritage of the maharajas from the historical periods. One such palace and park of touristic significance is the Pratap Vilas Palace and Peter Scott Nature Park in Jamnagar. His Royal Highness Maharaja Ranjitsinhji constructed this beautiful palace between the period of 1907 and 1915. Thereafter in 1968, Jam Singh made lots of changes into the garden area of the...

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Sivrajpur Beach, Jamnagar
143 kms from Jamnagar city limits

Jamnagar, a city in the state of Gujarat is located in the Gulf of Kutch. There are 42 islands in the Kutch region making for a large number of existing and prospective beaches which are a potential lure for beach lovers. One of them is the Sivrajpur beach. It is loved by the tourists, mainly due to its serenity. Located at a distance of 143 kms from Jamnagar, along the SH 6A from Dwarka towards Okha, Sivrajpur beach is one of a few clean beaches in the country which are not polluted by the visitors yet.

It is actually a hidden treasure as not many people know about it. It is also ca...

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Solarium, Jamnagar
Within Jamnagar city limits

North of Jamnagar, Gujarat one find an intriguing curiosity,a medical facility called the Ranjit Institute of Poly Radio Therapy, or simply SOLARIUM.

Jam shri Ranjitsinhi in 1920s under supervision of French doctor Jean saidman, it was one of the three such facilities in the world. it was constructed so that the top floor could rotate to have direct sunlight through the day for treatment of skin diseases and even rheumatism and TB.

This is the sole solarium across the globe and certainly in Asia, since other solaria were destroyed during worldwar2. The last physician who co...

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Tower of Mandvi
Within Jamnagar city limits

Tower of Mandvi once an arsenal and still an impressive structure with a panoramic view on all sides stands proudly and was also known as the Chandni Chowk earlier, located in the heart of Jamnagar.

Tower of Mandvi (Clock tower) is a specific type of building which houses a turret clock and has more than one clock faces on the upper exterior walls. Clock towers are a common sight in many parts of the world with some being iconic buildings. It's one of the two towers that still stand strong at Mandvi. A stark reminder of the fortified town that Jamnagar once was, it's a major tour...

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Willingdon crescent is a commercial building located in Jamnagar near Kadiawad at the central bank road.

Willingdon crescent is commonly known as Darbargadh. Willingdon crescent was constructeed under the patronage of Jam Rangit Singh. The structure is larger on the ground floor and smaller on the upper storey. There are pillars supporting the curving walls of the building. There is also a statue of jam sahib built in the centre of the crescent. The crescent is now a shopping area. There are variety of products available here.

Willingdon crescent was damaged a bit i...