Jammu is the largest city in the Jammu Division and the winter capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. It is situated on the banks of the Tawi River. Jammu known for its temples, particularly The Vaishno Devi Temple

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Aap Sambhu Temple is a famous Hindu temple located in Sathrian at Roop Nagar situated in the city Jammu. It is 8. 1 kms away from Jammu city center. Visitors can take public transport or book a cab to reach Aap Sambhu Temple.

Aap Sambhu Temple is considered to be very holy and peaceful place by the Hindus. The main attraction here is the shiv lingam which is naturally formed. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the God of Destruction. It is believed that the area where the temple is situated used to be a dense forest where cows and buffaloes would shed their milk on the lingam of...

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Akhnoor Fort is located in the historical town of Akhnoor, 28 kms away from Jammu city. Perched on a cliff, the fort situated on the right bank of the Chenab River. It overlooks magnificent view of Shivalik range and Trikuta mountain ranges, which offers beautiful sights to behold.

Started by Mian Tej Singh in 1762 A. D. , the construction of the fort took 40 years to complete. Built across two floors, this structure features arches and beautiful mural paintings. Besides, the huge walls, bastions, watch-towers, battlements and merlons are quite a sight to behold. The fortress has h...

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Amar Mahal Palace Museum is a palace which is converted to a spectacular museum. The Palace turned Museum retains its royal feel, owing its above par maintenance and curated art-crafts, chronologically showcasing supposed achievements of its heirs, mainly through paintings and photographs. This French style architecture was the last official residence of the Dogra dynasty. Awesome views of the palace along with a worthy museum attract tourists all across the web. In addition to this, the scenic beauty of Jammu also plays a major role to make this location as a famous tourist spot. Amar Mahal ...

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Jammu has a rich cultural and built heritage in the form of temples, forts, palaces, sarais. Among one of those beautiful places is Bagh-e-Bahu aquarium which is located on the bank of Tawi River near the famous Bahu Fort. It is 4 kms away from the Jammu Tawi Railway Station and 9 km away from the Jammu Airport.

Bagh-e-Bahu aquarium is the largest underground aquarium in the country. It surrounds the Bahu fort at over 220 meters in length. It has a fish shaped entrance which looks adorable. The aquarium has 24 aquarium caves which features about 400 rich aquatic species from both f...

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Situated by the iconic Bahu Fort, the Bagh-e-bahu is a beautiful and popular garden of Jammu. Atop a mountain facing the Tawi river, this garden is a sight to behold, combining the peaceful aura of the garden with sprawling lawns, grand fountains, charming stone sculptures, a beautiful lake and a large aquarium, all coming together in one magnificent place. It is 4 kms away from the Jammu Tawi Railway Station.

Tourists and locals come here for the aura of peace, serenity and the romantic vibe it presents to spend a relaxed evening in this garden. Upon entering, one is greeted with ...

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Bahu Fort is located 5 kms from the downtown area, Bahu Fort remains on a stone face on the left bank of the waterway Tawi. Maybe the most seasoned post and structure in the city, it was developed initially by Raja Bahulochan more than 3,000 years back. The current post was all the more as of late enhanced and stretched out by the Dogra rulers. Inside, there is a sanctuary devoted to the Hindu goddess Kali. A broad terraced cultivate, known as Bagh-e-Bahu, has been created around the

Bahu Temple is situated inside the Bahu Fort, popularly called Bave Wali Mata Mandir. The Bahu Fort ...

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The Balidan Stambh is the biggest war memorial of India. Located in the heart of the city in a busy locality opposite to the University of Jammu, Balidan Stambh is a perfect historical and emotional rendezvous for the people of India.

‘Balidan Stambh’ in Hindi translated to ‘Tower of Sacrifice’. It was constructed in 2008 in memory of Defence, PMF and Police personnel who sacrificed their lives for the nation on the soil of Jammu and Kashmir. The memorial comprises of a soaring 60m high tower which symbolizes a bayoneted rifle. At the base of the tower is an internal flame, a timel...

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The famous Bawey Wali Mata Temple is located inside the historic Bahu Fort. Positioned along the banks of river Tawi, the impressive construction of Bahu Fort is probably the oldest construction in Jammu.

Originally built by Raja Bahulochan about 3000 years ago, this fort was afterwards renovated and extended by rulers of the Dogra dynasty. 5 kms away from the central part of the city, Bahu Fort is situated on the left bank of river Tawi. A lot of people visit the temple of Bawey Wali Mata round the year to seek the blessings of the Goddess.

Tuesday and Sunday are consi...

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Chenab Bridge is a railway steel and concrete arch bridge under construction between Bakkal and Kauri in the Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir in India. When finished, the bridge will span the Chenab River at a height of 359 m (1,178 ft) above the river, making it the world's highest rail bridge. It is very unique and first bridge in India forming a massive steel arch. This design has been undertaken on the basis of the experiences from similar projects worldwide. It is located at a distance of 110 kms from Jammu city.

The bridge is spread across the Chenab River and provide acc...

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Dargah Garib Shah, Jammu
9 kms from Jammu city limits

Dargah Garib Shah is one of the popular Muslim shrines in Jammu devote to Baba Garib Shah, a Muslim saint. Garib Shah used to preach unity and brotherhood among the common masses. The saint was believed to be having divine powers. So people visit this dargah to get their wishes fulfilled. The popularity of this saint is not limited to just Muslims as people of all faiths and religions are devotees of the saint. This shrine of Garib Shah is now taken care of by local Hindus and thus this Dargah is one fine example of the religious harmony present among the people of Jammu region. The Shrine is ...

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Dogra Art Museum, Jammu
6 kms from Jammu city limits

Dogra Art Museum is an art museum of Dogra Cultural Heritage housed in the Pink Hall of the Mubarak Mandi Complex in Jammu. This art museum lures lot of tourists across the web with its unique collection of paintings. This museum is basically an art gallery which is approximately 5 to 6 kms away from the centre of the city Jammu. This art museum is a rich repository that displays rare paintings possessing immense artistic value. More than 800 paintings belonging to different schools of art have found their place in this exquisite collection at the Dogra Art Museum.

This museum was bu...

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Gauri Shankar Temple is located in Jammu City. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Legend has that the Gauri Shankar Temple was constructed by Apa Ganga Dhar who was a Maratha Soldier and an avid devotee of Lord Shiva. He was once severely injured in a battle and chances of his survival was minimal, in fact, it was none whatsoever and he prayed to Lord Shiva requesting that his life be spared and should his wish be granted, he would construct a beautiful temple in the name of Lord Shiva. Despite the odds, Apa Ganga Dhar survived and later went on to build thi...

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Gole Market, Jammu
Within Jammu city limits

Gole Market is one of the popular local markets in Jammu. It has derived its name as it is approximately circular in shape.

It is located in the Gandhi Nagar area of Jammu. Gole Market is well connected with taxi, auto rickshaw or tempo travelers. Jammu airport is the nearest airport and from here Gole Market is just about 2 km distance. The Jammu Tawi Railway station isalso 2 km from Gole Market.

The Gole market is a best place to buy finest fabrics, kashmiri shawls, embroidered sarees and salwar kameez. Unlike branded shops one can bargain for their purchase. Since ...

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Manda Zoo, Jammu
6 kms from Jammu city limits

Manda Zoo is the only Zoo in the Jammu to get in touch with the natural beauty. This zoo has a wide variety of colorful birds and attractive animals. The greenery of this zoo will soothe the mind. Spectacular views and great surrounding atmosphere attract lot of tourists to this zoo. The distance of this zoo from the center of the city Jammu is near about 5 to 6 kms. It is located on Palace Road, near Hari Niwas. The whole area is actually a national park and it is quite big.

The whole environment of Manda zoo provides a visual treat to the tourists. It gives a soothing sense to expe...

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Mansar Lake, Jammu
62 kms from Jammu city limits

The lake of Mansar together with its twin lake, Surinsar, are a prominent weekend getaway spot from Jammu. The lakes are laced with hills engulfed in forest. Mansar is a mile long and half-a-mile wide. Being at a distance of 62 kms from Jammu, this lake is a renowned and a popular expedition destination in Jammu, and is a religious site as well. The lake also shares the prodigy and holiness of Lake Mansarovar. Mansar boasts of well planned road connectivity from different parts of Jammu.

Interestingly, Mansar and Surinsar lakes share a common creation story. According to the popula...

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Mantalai Temple is a Hindu temple in Jammu and Kashmir which is one of the prime attractions of the tourists here. Located in the scenic beauty of the Himalayan Mountain range, this mesmerizing temple is really a must visit for the tourists. This temple stands at an altitude of about 1450 meters above the sea level. The beauty of Northern part of India with the famous Himalayan range and deodar and pine trees surrounding the temple gives a jaw dropping view of this holy place. This temple is away from the Jammu city. From the center of the city Jammu, the Mantalai Temple is about 112 kms away ...

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Mubarak Mandi Complex is a palace located in the heart of old walled city of Jammu. The complex is 6 kms away from city Jammu. Visitors can take public transport or can book a cab and can directly reach to the destination Mubarak Mandi Complex.

The Mubarak Mandi Complex has been regarded as the crown of Jammu city. The palace was the royal residence of the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir from the Dogra dynasty. It is a living example of India's rich cultural heritage. The breath taking carvings on walls and pillars shows the important architectural period of state. The architecture is...

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Built with red sandstone, the European styled castle Mubarak Mandi Palace, Jammu offers a magnificent view of Shivalik ranges and Tawi River. It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Jammu. The palace was the royal residence of Dogra king until 1925 when Maharaja Hari Singh shifted to Hari Niwas Palace in the northern part of Jammu. The palace is located in the heart of the old walled city of Jammu and overlooks the Tawi river. Approximate driving distance between Jammu Railway Station and the Palace is 6 kms.

Mubarak Mandi Palace is an important historic architect...

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Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the very popular wildlife sanctuaries in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated at a distance of 28 kms from Jammu. Encircled in green vegtation, Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the alluring destination for nature lovers. It is heaven for enormous floura and fauna. The entire surface area of the Sanctuary is stretched over an area of 33 sq. km.

This Sanctuary finds the name from a village which is located in close proximity to this sanctuary. The village is Nandini Village which has a substantial pheasant population. This Sanctuary ...

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Panch Peer, Jammu
119 kms from Jammu city limits

Paanch Peer is located at a distance of around 119 kms. According to popular folklore, five saints used this site for meditation. The graves of those saints can now be seen there. Devotees from different parts of the country visit this site to commemorate the saints.

Panch Peer is one of the important pilgrimage sites of Jammu and Kashmir, which reflect the religious fervour of the local inhabitants. As per legend, five religious men worshipped and mediated at the site. The holy graves of these sages are visited by ardent devotees from around the country. The Dargah of Panch Peer ...

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Peer Baba Dargah, Jammu
8 kms from Jammu city limits

The Dargah of Peer Budhan Ali Shah is located in the outskirts of Jammu City at a distance of about 8 Kms from aerodrome at Satwari.

Peer Baba is the famous Dargah (tomb) of the Muslim saint, Peer Budhan Ali Shah. The Dargah (sanctuary) of Peer Budhan Ali Shah or Peer Baba is said to shield the general population of this city from accidents and insidiousness spirits. A companion of Guru Gobind Singh, it is said that Peer Baba carried on with as long as he can remember on milk alone and lived to the age of five hundred and still individuals from all beliefs and religions verate him ...

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One of the famous temples in the city of Jammu is the Peer Kho Temple. It is one of the oldest temples in the city and is located around 4 kms away from the heart of Jammu city, is known to be the oldest site in the Shivalik region. Situated on the busy Circular Road, this temple is easily accessible from different corners of the city.

Peer Kho Temple is etched in white marble on a rectangular platform. The black stone lingam is ornamented with a copper snake or Naga, as termed in Hindi, and a sheet of silver covers the Jallari or Yoni, with an overtop copper vessel, placed in a...

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Pink Hall, Jammu
5 kms from Jammu city limits

Pink Hall, also known as, Amar Mahal Palace Museum is a beautiful palace of red sand stone which stands amidst the most picturesque environments of Jammu. There is beautiful view of the Shivaliks at the north and the River Tawi flows down below. The museum has a golden throne made of 120kg pure gold sofa and has golden lions embedded into it. It is located at a distance of around 5kms from Jammu city center.

The mahal is been built by precious and rare pink marble and due to its uniqueness, the mahal was been called as a pink hall nowadays.

The entry to this mahal is pr...

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Raghunath Temple is a temple which consists of seven Hindu shrines each one having its own “Shikara”. The Sanskrit word “Shikara” means “Like a mountain peak”. The huge temple is one of the largest temples of North India. This nineteenth century architecture reveals various kinds of societal and cultural aspects of that time. The religious belief of the people of that time is greatly reflected in the interior and overall architecture of the temple. This temple is near about 2 to 3 kilometer away from the centre of the city Jammu.

This historical temple was built during the mid ninete...

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A new development a Canal Road in Jammu is Rajinder Park. It is located between two canals and has a huge fountain. The beauty of this fountain is experienced at night when it is lit up. Jammu has its share of beautiful and picturesque gardens. The stunning and gorgeous Mughal gardens and parks of this region attract large number of tourists every year. Rajinder Park is located inside the city limits.

Rajinder Park has well-maintained lawn spreads across massive acres of sheer greenery. The architectural beauty of this park is blended with lush green landscapes, which add charm to ...

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The biggest Shiva temple in north India, Ranbireshwar Temple is one of the prime attractions in the picturesque Jammu city. It is a very ancient shrine, located in Shalimar Road near the New Secretariat. Maharaja Ranbir Singh built it in 1883, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The temple has a central 'lingam' measuring 8-feet in height, constructed out of black stone, is the biggest in India. It was under the built of the Dogra rulers; also enshrining 12 shivlings in crystal, measuring 15cm to 38cm. Galleries with 1. 25 lakh 'bona lingam' brought from Narmada River, can be witnessed on sto...

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Rani Charak Mahal, situated inside the Mubarak Mandi Complex, is one of the exquisite buildings belonging to the Dogra era. A landmark structure situated on banks of a peaceful waterway, Rani Charak Mahal is a shocking case of antiquated design. Carefully arranged on Tawi River in Jammu, this royal residence has a glorious structure. It lies in Mubarak Mandi complex.

Inferable from the marvelous design of this royal residence, it has anchored a noticeable place in Kashmir's history. The complicated insides of Rani Charak Mahal include appeal and tastefulness. Toward one side of the...

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Shivkhori shrine, Udhampur
140 kms from Jammu city limits

Shivkhori is a famous cave shrine of Hindus devoted to Lord Shiva, situated in the Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir. Shiv Khori is situated in between the hillocks about 140 kms north of Jammu. Buses and light vehicles go up to Ransoo, the base camp of pilgrimage. People have to traverse about 3 km on foot on a track recently constructed by the Shiv Khori Shrine Board.

This natural cave is about 200 metres long, one metre wide and two to three metres high and contains a self made lingam, which according to the people is unending. The cave after some distance gets very narrower a...

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Surinsar Lake, Jammu
42 kms from Jammu city limits

Situated at a distance of 42 kms from Jammu city, Surinsar Lake is known for its natural bounty and some mythological importance. Surrounded by thickly wooded mountain ranges, it is a popular picnic spot. The beauty and natural splendor of Surinsar Lake can be compared with the magnificence of Dal Lake and Nagin Lake of Srinagar. Surinsar Lake and Mansar Lake are considered to be twin lakes; Mansar is located 30 km away from it. The Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary is nestled in the midst of both the lakes and supports 3 mammalian species and 15 avifauna species including crane. According to...

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Vaishno Devi Mandir lies in Jammu and is a very famous tourist spot. Vaishno Devi, also known as Mata Rani, Trikuta and Vaishnavi, is a manifestation of the Hindu Goddess Mata Adi Shakti also known as Chandi/Durga. The words "maa" and "mata" are commonly used in India for "mother", and thus are often used in connection with Vaishno Devi. Vaishno Devi Mandir is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu Goddess, located in Katra at the Trikuta Mountains within the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The Temple is 13. 5 km from Katra and various modes of transportation are available from Katra to Bhaw...

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Ziarat Baba Buddan Shah is among the famous pilgrimage of the city Jammu. It is situated close to the aerodrome at Satwari. The shrine is located 8 kms from Jammu city and is well connected with several modes of transportation. The place is popular among devotes and travellers.

The place is devoted to the religious leader, Ziarat Baba Buddan Shah, who preached the doctrine of love and harmony to his disciples. The shrine has some magnificent architectural style which depicts the great architecture of that time. There is a Gurdwara of Baba Gurditta at a distance of about 400 metres ...