Sarafa Bazaar is a jewellery market and night street food court located in Indore, Madya Pradesh. The unique characteristic of the Sarafa Bazaar is that it remains as a jewellery marketplace at daytime andconverts itself into a street food court at night. Indore's Sarafa Bazaar is a popular tourist place because ofits cuisine and night lifestyle. It is located within Indore city limits, at a distance of about 2 Kms from city center.

In Sarafa Bazaar, they have the multiple flavours of pani puri, patties, garadu ki chaat and gajjak(chikki) are a must try when for tourists and locals alike. The market consists of two sub-markets namely Bada Sarafa Bazaar and Chhota Sarafa Bazaar.

It is believed that it started some 100 years ago and was encouraged byjewellery shop owners so the noise and bustle would secure their own shops at night. With this in mind, they willingly started offering space infront of their shops to food vendors and, thus, Sarafa Bazar came into existence. Today, when most of Indore is asleep, this late night market gets nearly3000 visitors, both locals and tourists.

The food courts of the Sarafa Bazaar are open during the timings: 8:00 P. M. till 3:00 A. M offering all kinds of delicious street food. A great place place for a foodie and want to try some of Indore's best foods, including traditional snacks and sweets. A must-visit if you want to experience night-life in Indore.