Ram Mandir Ghat is a famous ghat near Ujjain, Madya Pradesh. This ghat is very much popular for taking holy baths in the Shipra river. The distance between Ram Mandir Ghat and the city of Indore is 57 Kms.

Ram Mandir Ghat is located near the Harsiddhi Temple. The temple of Navagraha, the nine planets, on the Triveni ghat of Shipra is a prominent centre of attraction for the pilgrims. The newly furbished ghat is a pleasure to visit particularly when the 'Sandhya River Aarti' is conducted. A small group of priests have begun this practice lately. The place has been cleaned up and the river Shipra has been dammed here. Cleanwater is piped in to fill the dam. Water is changed every 15 days.

A huge fair (kumbh mela) organized in ujjain once every 12 years.

This place is not very crowded, hence one can easily relax there during the morning or evening time. It is opened all days of the week during the timings: 5:00 AM-7:00 PM.