The Kal Bhairav Temple (Kalbhirava Mandir) is a Hindu temple located in the Ujjain city of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most active temples in the city, visited by hundreds of devotees daily. Kal Bhairav Temple is located at a distance of around 68 Kms from Indore city centre.

Bhairava is the wandering form of Lord Shiva. There are 64 Bhairavas. The temple is believed to have been built by an obscure king named Bhadrasen. Liquor is offered to the temple deity as one of the five tantric ritual offerings known as panchamakara: madya, maansa, meena or matsya, mudra and maithuna. The temple priests as well as several devotees claim that the slit doesn't have any cavity, and that the deity miraculously swallows the liquor offered.
Kal Bhairav temple is one and only temple in India where alcohol is offering to the god. The striking feature of the Kal Bhairav Temple is its exquisite paintings in Malwa style, only traces of which are now noticeable.

Kal Bhairav Temple remains open all days of the week during timings: 5:00 AM - 7:00 PM.