Gopal Mandir, also known as Dwarikadhish Temple, is a temple situated in Indore, Madya Pradesh. This historic temple built under Vikram Aditya rule during the timeframe between 1848-56. It is situated within the city limits.

Gopal Mandir's architecture is a classic example of Maratha style architecture. Temple is located in the main market. Despite bring an ancient temple,it is well maintained by the administration. Gopal mandir is dedicated to Lord Krishna and was built by the Scindia family. In addition to the great Architecture, Gopal Mandir also houses good paintings that can be seen in the temple.

The temple is made by a marble-spired structure which is an excellent example of Maratha architecture. Gopal Mandir was built following the old and traditional styles of building temples and monuments. The temple portrays an ethnic and traditional look. It is definitely a masterpiece within Indore and an excellent work of art.

Special events at Gopal Mandir happen during the time of Krishna Janmaastami, this is the best time to visit Gopal Mandir.

Gopal Mandir temple is open during timings: 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Visit duration is 1 hour for each tourist.