Chhatri Bagh is one of the popular tourist attractions of Indore, Madya Pradesh. Chhatri bagh is renowned known for its permanent canopies. The structures were built in rememberance of the family members of the royal Holkar Dynasty. The chhatri primarily comprises a dome shaped cenotaphs with pyramidal spires on the top.

The Chhatri Bagh is a common tourist destination in Indore. An artificial lake has been created in this stretch of the usually dry Khan River. It has been further beautified with a fountain,well laid gardens on both banks and boating facility. The Chhatris are picturesquely poised on the Khan river banks near Rajawada and resonate the Maratha architecture and sculpture.

Chhatri Bagh is best visited during the night time, during which the structure is brightly illuminated. There is also a fountain from the nearby artificial lake. The gardens and greeneries bordering the place have only enhance the beauty of Chhatri Bagh.