Ebudhou Thangjing Temple is located in Moirang of Bishnupur district of Manipur, 46 kms from the Imphal city center.

Manipur has an important traditional deity called as Ibudhou Thangjing who built his kingdom on the banks of Loktak lake. This temple is dedicated to Ebudhou Thangjing because of his immense blessings on Manipuris. The greenery and the surroundings of Ibudhou Thangjing temple is an added bonus.

The temple adotns itself with lights and glitter every year and a special attraction during the Lai Haroba festival - celebrated during the month of May. Dancing, singing and feasting mark the importance of the festival which go on for about a complete month of May. Men and women dress in their traditional Manipur attires and they all proceed towards the temple praying the Lord Thangjing in groups and even children join their elders to pray the Lord. Every sunday during this festival a mega cultural programme is offered to the deity Thangjing. A special dance form called Khamba Thoibi is performed during this Lai Haroba Festival and it gets the attention of all the worhsippers and travellers who visit this temple during this festival. A boat race is held every year here which is inaugurated by the 59th King at the Hubidak Sports Complex is also worthwatching.

Ebudhou Thangjing Temple can be visited during timings 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM and special timings are observed during festivals. Usually busy in the months of May and June which is the best time to visit this place due to the arrival of Lai Haroba festival and one can participate in the festive spirit.