Sudha Cars Museum is the first and only handmade Wacky Car museum in the World, located in the vicinity of Hyderabad. This private car museum is near by the Nehru zoological park. This unique museum in Hyderabad has its theme around vintage cars and creative vehicles.

Sudha cars museum is filled with handmade wacky innovative cars. There are cars in almost every shape one can think of. An ornament train with its bogies in the shares of jewellery; cars in the shape of bridal dresses; or the captivating ladies collection which includes cars in the shape of handbags, lipsticks, compact and stilettos and replica of red London Buses are just a few of the cars that you will see. All of the cars put up for display are in working condition. What makes the collection even more attractive is the fact that most of the vehicles that been customised, have been built by using old and unwanted pieces. Cars and cycles are made in various shapes, sizes and capacity; even though they have very little practical application. The tallest cycle in the world is on display at this museum.

The museum is quite small and an hour would be sufficient to look around this place. A must visit for people who appreciate art, creativity and imagination. A great place to take your kids out to. Visitors are expected to pay Rs 80 as the entrance fee.