Utsav Rock Garden is an indoor and outdoor sculptural museum which has entered in Eight World Records. It is just 30 minutes drive from Hubli. The garden is an anthropological museum which presents traditional farming occupations, crafts, rural life, folklore, cattle herding and sheep rearing etc. Sculptures depict rural culture, tradition and their lifestyle.

Utsav Rock Garden is a centre of art, culture and education. Every part of the garden is systematically designed and decorated in artistic way. It focuses on the rural life of Karnataka where people lived and worked together as a family showing unity in integrity.

Garden has more than 2000 sculptures of international quality which includes realistic, super-realistic, modern and contemporary styles. A typical art village which presents the forgotten rural lifestyle is created. Here visitors can see the traditional architectural forms of house constructions, traditional farming and different rural professionalists. There is an indoor modern art museum in the garden with a wide variety of art made from pearls and painted on glass. Every year vivid Art Galleries and various sculptures will be established and installed here.

It is a place blended with modern and contemporary art. Creative seating arrangements, boat ride and special North Karnataka meals add more flavour to this place. This is a place where creativity explores one or another vision of our lives, a must visit with family and friends.

Operating hours is Monday to Sunday during timings: 09:30 AM to 06:00 PM. Entry Fee for adults is INR 150 and for children INR 70.