Murugha Math is one of the ancient learning centres, which continues the tradition of imparting knowledge to the enthusiasts. It is located on the Savadatti Road at a within Dharwad city limits.

It was founded by Sant Mrityunjaya, by the grace of his holiness Sri Mrutyunjaya swamiji and his successors there after, the matha has grown in to major religious and educational centre. The founder of matha taught thousands of learning enthusiasts, who came from villages to study in the schools and colleges of Dharwad.

There are lectures every Monday along with music sessions, conducted in the premises of the matha. One of the most revered place for all the Lingayats/Hindus and followers. This matha imparts spirituality besides providing free boarding and Hostel facilities to thousands of needy students. It is known for the boarding of the students, more than 1000 students stay over here, known for devotional activities, peace and calm place. The institution having an illustrious history of transformation from a dilapidated building in the outskirts to the great place of shelter, education and shaping the career of thousand of poor students form surrounding rural areas.

There are four shrines inside the campus with rooms for students and a huge Prasada Nilayam. All those visiting the matha will be provided with free food of local north karnataka menu. This education center is a must visit place in Dharwad. The visiting timings are: 8:30 AM till 6:30 PM.