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1/10 Places to Visit in Hubli-Dharwad with nature

Agadi Thota, nestled amidst the lush greenery of Kunnur village in the outskirts of Hubli, is located in Mundgod taluk of Uttara Kannada, at a distance of 38 Km from Hubli. This extensive farmland welcomes you to discover the nuances of rural life and gain an insight into the traditional ways and customs of the place.

Agadi Thota is spread over an area of 30 acres with major cultivation being cashew nut and areca nut. It was conceptualized in the year 2000 by Shri. Jayadev Agadi to popularize organic farming, generate awareness amongst city folk and help develop a market for organi...

2/10 Places to Visit in Hubli-Dharwad with nature
Badami Fort, Badami
105 kms from Hubli-Dharwad city limits

Perched atop a cliff, the Badami Fort lies opposite to the famous Badami Caves. Badami Fort is a renowned archaeological site located on top of a hill that stands at a distance of about 2 km from the main town of Badami. It is located at a distance of around 105 Kms from Hubballi.

The fort was built by the Chalukyan King Pulakeshi in the Chalukyan style of architecture and its origin dates back to 543 AD. The fort is surrounded by double fortification walls. The fort is spread across two hills and is divided into the North and South Forts. The structures within the fort offer a gli...

3/10 Places to Visit in Hubli-Dharwad with nature

The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is the second largest sanctuary in Karnataka and is located on the banks of River Kali in Uttara Kannada. It lies at a distance of 57 kms from Dharwad which is the closest location to reach the sanctuary and covers an area of 334. 52 square miles. Dandeli is said to be the mythical 'Dandakaranya' referred to in the Mahabharata. It is surrounded by thick forests and hills.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary has a rich diversity of the plants and animals in and around the sanctuary. The forests in Dandeli are a mixture of dense deciduous trees interspersed with...

4/10 Places to Visit in Hubli-Dharwad with nature

Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary is a national wildlife reserve located in Ballari district in Karnataka. It is spread over 82. 72 sq km. It is located at a distance of 170 Kms from hubli-Dharwad.

Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary is the only place where one can spot Sloth bears endemic to India. The sanctuary maintains a good number of sloth bears which are usually hidden in the caves in the green-covered hillocks.

The flora of this sanctuary is primarily dry deciduous scrub and Southern thorn forests. At the time of declaration of the sanctuary, it was a large area of barren hil...

5/10 Places to Visit in Hubli-Dharwad with nature
Indira Glass House, Hubli
Within Hubli-Dharwad city limits

Named after the late Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, the Indira Gandhi Glass House is a stunning structure that attracts locals and tourists alike. Glass House Garden or Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden, 3 kms from Hubli, is an enchanting place.

Located at the centre of the HDMC gardens, Indira Glass house is a unique palace made of glass which was inaugurated by the former Indian Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi and hence called Indira Glass House. The glass house also has expansive lush green lawns and skating ground.

Indira Gandhi Glass House is also an idl...

6/10 Places to Visit in Hubli-Dharwad with nature
Magod Falls, Wester Ghats
94 kms from Hubli-Dharwad city limits

Magod Falls is an impressive and scenic waterfall set in a very lush and wild landscape deep in the Western Ghats, where the river Bedti falls from a height of nearly 200m in two steps. Approximate driving distance between Dharwad and Magod Falls is 94 kms.

River Bedthi, cascades from a height of 650 ft. and flows down in two leaps making the waterfall. Magod Falls is also a trekker's paradise, with Western Ghats all around the scenice place. The two-step falls lie amidst the dense forest providing a magnificent view of the falls. Visitors will also find a large lake on the way to ...

7/10 Places to Visit in Hubli-Dharwad with nature
Nrupatunga Betta (Hill), Hubli
6 kms from Hubli-Dharwad city limits

Nrupatunga Betta, nested on the Unkal Hill in Hubli is a hill located at around 6 kms from Hubli. It is the highest hill station in the twin city of Hubi-Dharwad and from here one can get a panoramic view of the whole city.

Atop the hill, there is a Devi temple where visitors can offer prayers. With the availability of well-paved roads, this site has become popular among morning-walkers, including locals as well as tourists. A new entrance has been constructed at a distance of 1km from the hill top. The whole pathway from the entrance to the hill top is illuminated with lamp posts ...

8/10 Places to Visit in Hubli-Dharwad with nature

Sadhankeri (Sadhankere) Garden is a man made park located at a distance of 30 kms from Hubli. Picturesque Sadhankeri is a park honouring the great kannada poet Da Ra Bendre. There is a lake adjacent to the garden where boating is partaken. It is one of the 7 important lakes in Dharwad. It is located in the city limits of Dharwad.

This area is developed under 'Baaro Sadhanakerige Project'. Situated at the heart of the city, this nature park is set amidst a scenic landscape, dotted with rows of shrubberies and vibrant blossoms. The lawns have statues and in the centre, there is a lak...

9/10 Places to Visit in Hubli-Dharwad with nature
Sattodi Falls
32 kms from Hubli-Dharwad city limits

Sathodi Falls is a picturesque waterfall formed by several streams near Kallaramane Ghat at about 32 kms from the tiny hamlet of Yellapura. It cascades down in the midst of verdant rainforests in the rugged Western Ghats in Sirsi. It is located at around 85 Kms from the city of hubli.

Sathodi Falls cascades down from a height of 50 feet and forms a pool beneath. Sathodi Falls is the embodiment of natural beauty, the rock formations around the waterfalls form a natural enclosure with the bountiful greenery and the clear and crystal water below. The waterfall has water all-around the...

10/10 Places to Visit in Hubli-Dharwad with nature
Unakal Lake, Hubli
Within Hubli-Dharwad city limits

Unakal lake, constructed by Sir M. Visvesvaraya in 1893 is an artificial lake located at a distance of 3 Kms from Hubli city. This 110 years old lake is popular for its peaceful and scenic environment. Unakal lake is the origin of river Bedti. This river flows through western ghats and drains in Arabian sea.

The lake covers an area of 200 acres and is one of the most visited attractions in Hubli. The area around the lake is well developed with a lovely garden and recreational facilities are available for children. The major attraction of Unkal Lake is the idol of Swami Vivekananda ...