Places around Hubli-Dharwad with Hill

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1/2 Places to Visit in Hubli-Dharwad with Hill
Badami Fort, Badami
105 kms from Hubli-Dharwad city limits

Perched atop a cliff, the Badami Fort lies opposite to the famous Badami Caves. Badami Fort is a renowned archaeological site located on top of a hill that stands at a distance of about 2 km from the main town of Badami. It is located at a distance of around 105 Kms from Hubballi.

The fort was built by the Chalukyan King Pulakeshi in the Chalukyan style of architecture and its origin dates back to 543 AD. The fort is surrounded by double fortification walls. The fort is spread across two hills and is divided into the North and South Forts. The structures within the fort offer a gli...

2/2 Places to Visit in Hubli-Dharwad with Hill
Nrupatunga Betta (Hill), Hubli
6 kms from Hubli-Dharwad city limits

Nrupatunga Betta, nested on the Unkal Hill in Hubli is a hill located at around 6 kms from Hubli. It is the highest hill station in the twin city of Hubi-Dharwad and from here one can get a panoramic view of the whole city.

Atop the hill, there is a Devi temple where visitors can offer prayers. With the availability of well-paved roads, this site has become popular among morning-walkers, including locals as well as tourists. A new entrance has been constructed at a distance of 1km from the hill top. The whole pathway from the entrance to the hill top is illuminated with lamp posts ...