The NeverEnuf Garden Railway is an acre of land that is entirely dedicated in featuring large scale models of railway and towns. NeverEnuf Garden Railway is situated 27 Kms away from the city of Gurgaon (also known as Gurugram).

The NeverEnuf Garden Railway is a total of 1 acre stretch of land which is utilized effectively for displaying an interactive landscape for the large scale models of railways and towns. It is often described as a "magical, miniature world". The railways and towns that are present amongst the rail operations on a global scale, have been laid down in an area of under 1 acre, in a miniature model. The model includes rocky plains, lush greenery, natural and manmade water bodies and towns as well.

The most astonishing models are definitely the speciality museums that consist of specific tows, cultural tools and livelihood for the townspeople and of course, the natural surroundings and parks. The recommended duration for a visit to the NeverEnuf Garden Railway is an average of 3 hours to 3. 5 hours. The NeverEnuf Garden Railway in Gurgaon also arranges for varied organized games like board games, children activities, food and beverages.

It is best to visit this garden on a day when the weather and climate is dry and pleasant. VIsitors can visit NeverEnuf Garden Railway on all days of the week during timings 11:00 AM - 7:30 PM.