Gulbarga Government Museum is one of the 28 main museums of Karnataka and is at a distance of about just 1 km from the Kalaburgi city center. The twin domed -structures on the Sedam road, Gulbarga, were renovated for housing the regional Museum. The Museum is now one of the important institutions, in the area, because it has one of the most valuable collections of early art of Karnataka.

The site of Sannati in Chittapur taluka was discovered in 1965 and from surface explorations at this site a very rich collection of antiquities has been made including terracotta figurines, coins, stone sculptures and inscriptions. All these antiquities definitely prove the existence of Buddhism in this part of Karnataka. In the site itself there are monumental evidences such as the remains of Buddhist Stupas. These antiquities, on comparative evidence can be dated from 1st century B. C. , to 1st Century A. D. Besides these valuable antiquities, the Museum also has a collection of coins, pre-historic tools, statues etc. Therefore, the regional museum at Gulbarga is of great importance. It is a very good place that every student needs to go to, to know the historic values and the ancient history of the various rules and the kingdoms. The place is very informative and can be easily accessed. There are many local sightseeing places near to it and in the museum too. It's maintained well and there is a garden full of lush greenery and sitting arrangement for the visitors to relax and enjoy the beauty of the place.

The museum also houses a collection of archaeological and geological artifacts. Best accommodation and good food can also be found in and around the museum. 1 - 2 hours of time is generally enough for a tour of the place. The museum remains closed on Fridays. For the rest of the week, it remains open with timings 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM. Visitors are expected to pay an entry fee of INR 15.