Gottam Gutta forest is located within the limits of Chincholi in Kalaburgi district. It is at a distance of about 89 kms from Gulbarga city and 7 kms from Chandrapalli. This forest is less explored by travellers and thus its beauty is very much intact and natural. The forest looks very beautiful due to the presence of Chandrampalli dam on the Bhima River, the water of which is very clean and wonderful.

The Gottam Gutta forest is covered with lush green trees and shrubs all over the place. The greenery in this forest is very dense and thick. There is a watchtower present in the forest to keep close watch on the location of the animals so that they do not get close to the visitors. Also there are water lawns built for the animals of the forest. Some historical temples are also present in the vicinity of the forest. A waterfall and some beautiful parks are present in the forest for the purpose of recreation so that tourists can enjoy with their family and friends.

Travellers can visit Gottam Gutta forest on weekends to get a break from their hectic schedule of city and work. They can do camping, trekking and enjoy picnic with their family and friends to spend time filled with joy and amusement. It is perfect for tourists who want to spend some time closer to nature and forget all about the concrete world of bricks and cement. Visitors can breathe in fresh air of the forest and have fun in the peaceful and calm environment of the mother nature. Also youngsters can spend some time with their friends reading books, playing games and staying overnight to experience a night full of excitement and anxiety.

It is recommended to visit Gottam Gutta forest in monsoon season as it enhances the greenery of the forest and makes wheather more pleasant to travel. It is recommended to visit the forest during timings 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM. It will take around 2 hours to complete the visit of the forest. There is no entry fees.