Kushmi forest is well known picnic spot which is located in Ramgarh, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. It is located around 10 kms away from the city centre of Gorakhpur.

Kushmi Forest is a dense forest located in the outskirts of Gorakhpur. The forest area starts with wonderful green tunnels and the main forest is laden with lots of sal and sequoia trees. A wide variety of flora and fauna is present here. There are plain green grounds with trees everywhere which makes it a scenic beauty. Sometimes, it is even possible to spot different wild animals like deers, monkeys, fox, peacock etc. There is a temple nearby the forest which is dedicated to goddess Budhia Mata; it is believed that it is a wish-fulfillment sight, which is yet another reason that attracts a lots of tourists every year. Kushmi Forest remains very active during weekends as it is a perfect place for a day out and relaxation.

Kushmi Forest is a must visit place for the nature lovers, peace seekers, adventurists as well as for religious people. Nearby there is a park named as Vinod Park, which can be visited along with this forest. Around 2-3 hours are required to explore this place. One can visit this forest during timings 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM. There are food stalls present inside the area but it is advised to carry own food and water. There is also a guest house present here. Ample amount of parking space is available, just a minimal amount is required to be paid for car parking.

Kushmi forest remains closed on Sundays. A minimal amount of INR 10 is charged as entry fee.