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1/4 Places to Visit in Gorakhpur with nature
Arogya Mandir, Gorakhpur
Within Gorakhpur city limits

Arogya Mandir is one of India's largest centres for naturopathy. Located at a distance of about 4 km from Gorakhpur Railway Station, a visit to this centre will leave you feeling renewed and rejuvenated, even if you visit it just as a tourist.

Arogya Mandir Nature Cure Hospital is situated on a sprawling 4 acre land in natural surroundings, fully pollution-free environment. The patients get sun-shine oxygen and perfect peace here. It is situated in the city of the sacred temple of Yogi Baba Goraksh Nath. Samadhi of Saint Kabeer Das, in Maghar is at a short distance o f 25 Km. an...

2/4 Places to Visit in Gorakhpur with nature
Kushmi Forest, Gorakhpur
10 kms from Gorakhpur city limits

Kushmi forest is well known picnic spot which is located in Ramgarh, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. It is located around 10 kms away from the city centre of Gorakhpur.

Kushmi Forest is a dense forest located in the outskirts of Gorakhpur. The forest area starts with wonderful green tunnels and the main forest is laden with lots of sal and sequoia trees. A wide variety of flora and fauna is present here. There are plain green grounds with trees everywhere which makes it a scenic beauty. Sometimes, it is even possible to spot different wild animals like deers, monkeys, fox, peacock etc. Th...

3/4 Places to Visit in Gorakhpur with nature
Nehru Park, Gorakhpur
Within Gorakhpur city limits

Nehru Park is an old park located in Laldiggi locality of Bichhia, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Being located in Laldiggi locality is it locally called as Laldiggi Perk. It is located within the city limits of Gorakhpur.

Nehru Park was constructed in the year 1988. It was considered as one of the most beautiful parks of the city. The entrance of the park has a statue of two dolphins cuddling together. There is a beautiful big pond present in the park which enhances the serenity of the park. The park also has big green lawns and ashok, eucalyptus and Gulmohar trees that adds up to the...

4/4 Places to Visit in Gorakhpur with nature
Ramgarh Tal, Gorakhpur
6 kms from Gorakhpur city limits

Ramgarh Taal is located in Sylvan surroundings and provides a perfect backdrop to the natural beauty of the region. Situated at a distance of about 6 kms from Gorakhpur Railway Station, this lake has stood silent as one of Gorakhpur's biggest tourist attractions.

Ramgarh Taal lake is Gorakhpur's largest lake, with an embankment of 18 kilometers in length and an area of 723 hectares. It is said that there was initially a village named Ramgarh at this location, which had collapsed due to an untold natural disaster, resulting in a huge hole at the spot where the village stood. In t...