Arogya Mandir is one of India's largest centres for naturopathy. Located at a distance of about 4 km from Gorakhpur Railway Station, a visit to this centre will leave you feeling renewed and rejuvenated, even if you visit it just as a tourist.

Arogya Mandir Nature Cure Hospital is situated on a sprawling 4 acre land in natural surroundings, fully pollution-free environment. The patients get sun-shine oxygen and perfect peace here. It is situated in the city of the sacred temple of Yogi Baba Goraksh Nath. Samadhi of Saint Kabeer Das, in Maghar is at a short distance o f 25 Km. and Nirvan Sthal of Lord Buddha, in Kushinagar is only 51 Kms. away from Arogya Mandir. The new building was completed in 1961 and is set amidst lush greenery that forms a perfect setting for natural cures. The beginnings of the Arogya Mandir date back to the year 1940 when naturopath and freedom fighter Dr. Vithal Das Modi established it. Serving as vice president of the All India Nature-Cure Council till his death on March 23, 2000, Dr. Modi was also a philanthropist and litterateur who actively advocated nature cure as the best means of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellness. Apart from providing the best natural healthcare services, Arogya Mandir also conducts courses and degrees in various streams of naturopathy.

Visitors of Arogya Mandir who go over to benefit from the wellness options this place has to offer, have a wide choice ahead of them. Apart from actual therapies for the treatment of various ailments, this holistic wellness centre offers fitness options for those who would like to prevent diseases and improve their lifestyle.

Arogya Mandir can be visited during timings 5:00 AM - 8:00 PM.