Lakshmi Narayan temple is a Hindu temple located in the Vikram Enclave locality of Sahibabad. The Lakshmi Narayan temple is situated at a distance of approximately 15 kms from the main Ghaziabad city.

Lakshmi Narayan temple is the biggest temple of the city Ghaziabad in terms of height and is situated in the heart of the city. The temple features a garden which is spread in a large area and the main entrance of the temple opens in the garden. The garden is very well maintained and has green doob grass. A big pool is situated at the centre of the garden which features a beautiful sculpture of a woman standing on rocks, holding a pitcher on her head which looks very attractive. 3 fountains of varied sizes are also placed in front and at the back of this sculpture inside the pool. At the back of this pool, the main building of the temple could be seen which reflects the perfect example of symmetry. The garden has numerous trees planted in symmetry and along the boundaries of the temple which gives temple a natural look. The garden itself features many areas which is a delight to watch. A Ram-darbar is also available in the garden where small elevated platforms on 4 sides with small sheds made of white marble is placed on it. The platforms bound a small garden which consists water channel and a beautiful twisted fountain placed exactly in the centre. At one side of the garden there is another elevated platform with a shed on one side. This area is generally used for Yoga and exercises. The main temple building is constructed on an approximately 5 feet high elevated platform which is spread over a large area. The main temple building has 3 big towers which is in the shape of shikhars of a traditional Hindu temple. Various other small sanctum sanctorum are placed on this platform, giving highest priority to symmetry. At the left side of the platform there exists another pool which consists 3 beautiful and huge fountains. The temple also has the arrangement of lighting for the sake of devotees who visit the temple in late evening. Inside the temple, beautiful idols of Shri Ram- the most worshiped god in the Hindu tradition, along with Goddess Sita and Shri Lakshman is situated. Idol of Shri Hanuman Ji is also available in the temple for darshan. Due to presence of various plants, trees in the temple premises, the atmosphere remains very peaceful throughout the day. The Lakshmi Narayan temple is a must visit temple for the residents of Ghaziabd or for those who are visiting the city.

The Lakshmi Narayan temple organises almost every Hindu festival with lot of enthusiasm. Ram-Navami, Navratri, Holi are some major festivals which is celebrated in the temple with more joy and excitement. Meanwhile, Lakshmi Narayan temple also organises Aarti in morning and evening. Evening is the best time to visit the temple which gives you chance to experience the atmosphere filled with devotion and to enjoy the prayer and aarti. Visitors can visit Lakshmi Narayan Temple during timings 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM. There is no entry fee.