Sardar Market, Firozabad is loacted in the heart of the city. It is within city limits at a distance of 2. 5 km from the Central Bus Stand.

Sardar Market is a really important market famous for cutlery and most importantly jewellery. It has a special exclusive bangles market situated in Gali Imambara in Sadar Market. Here, every variety of glass bangles are available. It is said that there is not a single piece of fabric available that can be unmatched with the bangles here. Bangles here can also be customised and made to order. According to some estimates, a single bangle passes through as many as 45 to 50 hands before making its way to Sardar market. This is because the bangle manufacturing units are located close by the Sardar Market with Firozabad being the hub of glass manufacturing in India. Glass beads in jewellery are a noticeable feature here in this market. Glass products like candle stand, glass figures, trees as well as other items are on display here.

Sardar Market should be visted as a part of the wedding trousseau for brides. Also, there is a range of good street food available in the market. The food, with mostly kebabs and is spicy and it tickles the taste buds. The best time to visit the market is from October - March.

Sardar Market can be visted by anyone wishing to make a purchase. Also, one can visit the glass making factories nearby which are nearly cottage industries. The shops at Sardar Market are usually open during timings 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM. The market remains closed on State and National Holidays.