Places around Faridabad with Wildlife

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1/2 Places to Visit in Faridabad with Wildlife

Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary is national wildlife preserve located in Asola village near Tughlaqabad. The sanctuary falls in the Aravalli region. The sanctuary is located at a distance of approximately 16 Kms from the Faridabad City.

The Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary was made open for public in the year 1986 and is spread over 6,874 acres. The sanctuary lies in the lap of Aravalli hills and is among the protected areas in India. The sanctuary also acts as an air purifier for the national capital and was established for the purpose of rebuilding the Aravalli region which was da...

2/2 Places to Visit in Faridabad with Wildlife
Dhauj Lake
24 kms from Faridabad city limits

The Dhauj Lake is a natural lake and lies in the Mangar village of Faridabad. It is basically situated near the main Sohna road which connects Faridabad and Sohna. The lake is situated at a distance of approximately 24 Kms from the Faridabad city.

The Dhauj lake is among the natural lakes of the city Faridabad and falls in the Aravalli region and is spread in an area of 1-1. 5 kilometres. The lake is considered to be the best place for rock climbing in the Faridabad or in the neighbouring areas as the lake is surrounded by hard granite rocks. Dhauj Lake is also suitable for bird wa...