Balaji Mandir is one of the most popular temples in and around Faridabad. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu god, Vishnu. It is at a distance of 9. 3 Kms from Faridabad and takes about 20 mins to get there.

Devotees visit the Balaji temple to seek spiritual fulfilment. Many believe it is the best place to gain knowledge, seek Lord's blessings and attain salvation. Also, many visit the Balaji temple to pray for relieving them from diseases or to bless them when they buy a new vehicle. Balaji temple has immense popularity among it folks, for having faith in fulfilment of their wishes.

The temple architecture is sure to fascinate the sightseers. But not to underestimate the essential feature of the temple, the 'garbha griha', where the primary deity is placed. Where the fragrance of the incense sticks is heavy and the sounds make sure for spiritual calmness of mind. The temple is a reflection of the synthesis of art, faith, belief and values. Faridabad is best visited in the winter months of October to March. Also, the second most preferred time is during monsoons. Which beautify the landscapes, giving a captivating view to its guests. Visitors usually spend about an hour in the temple premises.

Balaji temple in Faridabad, being close to the city and easily accessible, makes it a good option for a short trip. The temple not only attracts the tourists and locals but also a large number of devotees who pay a visit from all over the country. The temple timings are from 12:00 AM to 11:30 PM. It is open on all days. However, it is crowded on Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays. There is no entry fee. But, tickets for special pooja are to be paid for.