Baba Farid's tomb is a mausoleum built in the memory of the famous Sufi saint - Baba Farid. It is said that the city Faridabad is named after him. The tomb is located in Old Faridabad, which is at a distance of 1. 2 kms from Faridabad city - a ideal short trip from the city.

Baba Farid's tomb was built by Mughals, after the death of Baba Farid in 1265 AD. The splendid mausoleum is crafted with sparkling white marble. It has two gateways, beautifully made with silver and carved with floral designs. The tomb has 2 graves, one of Baba Farid and the other is of his elder son. The graves are decorated with varieties of flowers and religious clothes. With more things to experience on the spot, the tomb is sure to add a memorable page to your travel diaries.

The tomb is best visited during mornings and evenings. The tomb stands as a magnificent testament to the Mughal architecture. Women are restricted entry to the grave premises. However, the complex houses a big mosque and a waiting area for its female folk. Visitors are provided with free food (langar) within the premises. Mehfil-e-Sama is organised outside the tomb premises on every Thursday. This is where the Qawwalis, a form of Sufi devotional music, is performed. In addition to this, there are food stalls convinently placed in the surroundings. The visitors usually spend around 2 hours here.

May it be for the shining marble construct, or for the bright night view, or for the spectacular Qawwalis, Baba Farid's tomb is worth a visit. The best time to visit the tomb is from the month of October to March. The tomb timings are from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. It is open on all days and entry is free. Camera and footwear are allowed inside.