Balayogi Science Park is one of the major interesting sites in Eluru. It is named after the former Lok Sabha speaker, Late GMC Balayogi. This park is a famous landmark of the city. Due to this, it is well-connected to major points. Balayogi Science Park lies within city limits.

Balayogi Science Park was established by Smt. Poonam Malakondaih, IAS. It comprises a building with two floors. Divided into various sections, this park demonstrates working models from the fields like Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Apart from these three sections, there exists departments for Botany, Physiology, Human Anatomy, and Zoology. At Balayogi Science Park, there is also a bird sanctuary nearby to it. Visitors who want to cater knowledge about varied kinds of birds can visit this small bird sanctuary.

Balayogi Science Park keeps on hosting various recreational event such as "Decoding Magic" so as to promote the scientific logic behind magic tricks, which boosts of superstitious claims. This park clears out superstitious beliefs through scientific logics behind the same.

Tourists vist this Balayogi Science Park throughout the year. Hundreds of visitors including foreigners come to see this amazing site. There is a nominal entry fee for this park, where you learn about lots of different things related to science.

Balayogi Science Park remains open on all days of the week. Balayogi Science Park can be visited during timings 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM everyday while the closing time is 7:00 P. M. on Sundays. This science museum is a perfect site for the educational excursions.